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These 9 Valentine’s Day Plants Could Add Romance to Your Relationship

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If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day plants for your loved ones, you’re at the right blog. Not only do house plans add beauty to any home, but they also bring numerous health benefits. 

Check out our top picks for Valentine’s Day gifts for him or her.

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For Him: Low Maintenance Succulents

Stromanthe Triostar

Video source: Harli G–YouTube

These variants of houseplants with pink and green esthetics need outside sunlight to thrive. You can grow them on your balcony, in front of your door, or in a house where there’s sunlight. Stromanthe triostar grows very well in hot climates; thus, as long as there’s sunlight, you can plant it in a pot outdoors.

This plant is one of the thoughtful Valentine’s Day plants you can give to your partner because of its colorful leaves. You’ll often spot flowers during spring. The leaves also fold at night, which can be confusing with the calathea plant.

Stromanthe triostar needs a lot of attention to grow and good, moist soil. If you’re using a pot, make sure it’s well-drained with enough space not to stifle its roots.


Camellias is a houseplant recognized for its evergreen flowers, especially in winter. These best flowers survive longer than other houseplants. It has many variants but the most common are;

  • Cold Hardy Camellias
  • Japanese Camellia
  • Camellia Sasanqua
  • Hybrid Camellia

These shrubs grow in cold weather mostly and can survive in late winter.  


This symbolic plant is named after the Greek goddess of agriculture. The leaves have natural oval holes that make them peculiar. You’ll mostly find them in rainforests. It would help if you planted them where there’s direct sunlight and bright light

You can keep them at the window and away from air conditioners. It’s one of the most thoughtful Valentine’s Day plants you can give him. 

For Her: Fragrant Flowers

Peace Lily

Video source: RHS–YouTube

Peace lily plants thrive in sunlight and shades with a neutral soil texture. It has beautiful, shiny green leaves and white-creamy flowers, representing peace and purity. They are perfect bouquets you can gift your wife, or loved one. 

Typical rainforest plants, such as peace lilies, have beautiful flowers throughout the summer as long as you take care of them under enough sunlight.

They are beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers. However, if your partner has pets like dogs and cats, peace lilies may be harmful to them. 


These are elegant and scented yellowish flowery plants any woman will love to plant. It’s a symbolic flower of native Americans with many meanings. The plant is famous for its symbolism of International Women’s Day.

In a New York office in 1908, 129 women became victims of a fire outbreak while protesting for better working conditions. At the front of the office grew a sparkling mimosa plant.

You’ll need to care for mimosa in sunlight, but it can’t grow in excess water. 

Lemon Drop

Lemon drop plants are not just Valentine’s Day plants you can give this Valentine; they’re medicinal too. You can add small portions to salads and drinks. This relieves pain and boosts the immune system. 

The good news is that the low-spreading plants bear beautiful yellow flowers, making them a favorite Valentine’s Day plant.

Lemon drop plants are also sunlight plants and require moist soil to grow healthy. All you need to do is place them in a vase with the right soil and leave them at your window.

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For Couples: Heart Shaped Plants

Philodendron Heartleaf

These heart-shaped and adorable green leaves can grow in a pot and placed on a shelf or windowsill. Popularly known as sweetheart plant, their leaves have unique aesthetics, including dark green and bronze.  

The Philodendron heartleaf plant grows slowly but has a long life span. It produces small, green flowers on rare occasions. Moreover, it grows well indoors under good conditions. This heart-shaped plant can also survive outdoors in rainy seasons. 

Bromeliad Aechmea Pink

Video source: JoyUsGarden–YouTube

These pinky flowers with spiky foliage leaves are a beauty for any garden or indoors. It requires a minimum amount of light to grow and bloom. This means if it’s placed under less light, it won’t grow well. It’ll also not grow well with too much light. As such, it’s best to place it under indirect light from a window. 

Always keep water at the center of the plant instead of watering the soil directly. You’ll only have to water the soil directly when it’s scorched.  

Red Anthurium

Video source: 5T1 Ideas–YouTube

The hearty red flowers of the red anthurium make perfect Valentine’s Day plants to add to your gift list. It symbolises passion, good vibes, and good luck in any relationship. 

It thrives under indirect sunlight and with minimal water.

Benefits of Giving a Houseplant as a Gift

Houseplants are Symbolic Gifts

Many plants have thoughtful meanings. Giving them speaks volumes in circumstances where verbal communication isn’t enough.  

Make Homes Beautiful

Houseplants as Valentine’s Day gifts bring out the beauty of a house and the beautiful heart of the giver. With white or neutral colors in your home, the color of plants blends in and gives an attractive hue to your windows or balconies.

Provide Health Benefits

Houseplants are recorded to minimize stress and improve moods. They give you fresh air, help you sleep better, and provide an avenue to take good care of yourself as you do for them. 

Serve as Memory of Loved Ones

Gifting Valentine’s Day plants means you’re leaving a touching memory with significant others. These little gestures leave a lasting impression beyond the lifespan of the plants. 

You’ll be remembered as thoughtful, lively, and someone who loves nature.

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This Valentine’s Day collection of plants is the best choice of gifts you can give, aside from red roses and chocolate, to your loved ones. Most of them have long steps and require plant care support.

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Affiliate Disclosure: Some links on are affiliate links. If you click and purchase through these links, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. We only recommend products and services we believe will provide value to our readers. Thank you for your support!
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