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11 Least Popular Reasons Against Valentine’s Day

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Several contradictory thoughts and feelings surrounding Valentine’s Day after Pope Gelasius exist. Some people love it, while others don’t. Here are the 11 least popular reasons against Valentine’s Day.

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Why Valentine’s Day Isn’t a Must

It’s Expensive 

One notable thing about Valentine’s Day is that it’s expensive. If you bought small nice things for your loved-one, let’s say you got her a card and some beautiful heart-shaped items. These things can quickly add up to $60 or $80. Which is nowhere close to teddy bears holding hearts, flowers, heart-shaped jewelry, or dinner reservations. 

We aren’t even talking about other heart-shaped gift items you can receive. It’s better to save your money. Those heart-shaped items will be much cheaper on 15th February.

Crowded Restaurants With Terrible Services

Man-in-orange-top-holding-smartphone. Image Source: Pexels. Licenced under CC BY-SA 2.0

Nothing kills romance faster than a terrible experience dining out and crowds. Since everyone goes out to eat on the 14th of February, there’ll be a lapse in service. 

One way to celebrate is to make your favorite meal at home with your partner. It doesn’t matter whether you went on a date or you stayed at home. What matters is that you had a wonderful time with your partner and they know that you love them endlessly.

It’s an Unimportant Holiday

People usually feel obligated to celebrate Valentine’s Day even if they aren’t in any romantic relationship. Hence, they go out with friends or go on a date when they don’t need to go out at all. No one needs to go on a date or eat any heart-shaped items if they don’t want to. Valentine’s Day isn’t an important holiday.

Besides there are 365 days in a year you can show love and appreciation, Valentine’s Day is just like every other day, and you have no obligation or whatever to celebrate it.

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Comes With a Lot of Pressure and Expectations

There are plenty of high expectations around Valentine’s Day for lovers, from the fanciest dinner and the perfect gifts to the notion of everlasting romance and love. That’s a lot of pressure for two people on just one of the 365 days. 

All those pressures on Valentine’s Day can actually harm a relationship, even leading to heartbreak or breakup. Additionally, thinking of 14th February as this special day set outside for showing love, can also take away from everyday practices of love and appreciation. 

The truth is the number of gifts your spouse gives to you on Valentine’s Day has nothing to do with your level of intimacy, commitment, and overall satisfaction in the relationship. 

Encourages Comparison 

As photos of other couples’ Valentine’s Day celebrations flood social media, it can be easy to question your own relationship. You may begin to think about how your relationship compares to those picture-perfect ones. This thinking can be both misleading and destructive.

The truth is pictures and a Valentine’s Day out aren’t enough to tell what’s going on in someone else’s relationship. It’s easy to tag what you see on social media about other people perfectly and feel down about your own. But in most cases, you may have a better relationship than what other people flaunt on social media.

Valentine’s Day Leaves Some People Out

Pink-white-and-red-heart-stone-lot. Image Source: Pexels. Licenced under CC BY-SA 2.0

Even though Valentine’s Day is supposedly all about love, it’s just all about romance, which leaves many single people out. But there are plenty of single people in the United States and the world at large. According to a report, 49.3% of the population in the US who are 15 years or older are never married, divorced, widowed, or separated. 

You Have Other Special Days to Celebrate 

If you want to celebrate a special event, you can mark the day you met your partner, when you finally both said “I love you,” or your kiss. These are the days you and your partner should mark on your calendars and celebrate between the two of you. 

Most informed couples know about this. That’s why Valentine’s Day can feel like the least important love day on their calendars. It’s best to celebrate days that are special to your relationship than bother yourself with Valentine’s Day. 

Doesn’t Solidify a Relationship 

To truly make your love life work, you can’t just show your partner on a holiday. Informed couples know that a relationship is a lifetime commitment. A true and sincere connection takes work every single day. 

Love shaped items, flowers, and chocolates don’t build bonds in a relationship. Primarily, love is work, it takes patience and time. So, instead of bothering about a one day event, you should learn how best to live with your spouse. 

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You can do this by studying your partner and reading books from relationship experts. Many good relationship books are available on Amazon online marketplace.  

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Spontaneous Show of Love is More Fun

People who are in a strong relationship and understand love like to surprise their significant other with love notes and gifts unannounced. This makes Valentine’s Day feel unnecessary. A love note here, a sticky note there – these are the moments that are more cherished and remembered, rather than the 14th of February.

What this means is that you should learn to surprise your partner with gifts, love notes and cards. Your partner will get to appreciate your daily show of love more than a one-time yearly holiday love and affection. Most of these things are relatively cheap when it isn’t Valentine’s Day. You can easily order them from online marketplaces like Amazon without leaving the comfort of your home.

Most Times It’s Better to Not Follow the Crowd

Sometimes you have to create your own path in life and relationship. You don’t have to let society decide for on how you manage a certain aspect of your life. Being against Valentine’s Day, especially with the approval of your spouse can be something romantic and without regret.

Some couples even see rebelling against Valentine’s Day as a way of celebrating the day together. They organize anti-Valentine’s Day and invite their friends over for a get-together.

Don’t Make Having a Valentine’s Day a Goal

There are many more important things that can add flavor to your relationship than putting so much romantic pressure on a specific day of the year. Informed couples know the things that truly matter to them. Spending quality time together and working to understand each other better are things that truly matter. 

Is Anti-Valentine’s Week a Thing?

Right after the week of saint valentine celebration, the singles or those who just left their ex partners like to have fun as well during the anti-Valentine’s week. The anti-Valentine’s week starts on February 15 and wraps up on February 21. 

If you’re single or heartbroken, anti-valentine week is the right opportunity to celebrate and experience love like the thrill of cricket. Below is the breakdown of the anti-valentine’s Week celebrations, starting from the first day of anti-valentine: 

  • Slap Day – February 15th – first day of anti-valentine
  • Kick Day – February 16th – second day of anti-valentine
  • Perfume Day – February 17th – third day of anti-valentine
  • Flirting Day – February 18th – Fourth day of anti-valentine
  • Confession Day – February 19th – Fifth day of anti-valentine
  • Missing Day – February 20th – sixth day of anti-valentine
  • Breakup Day – February 21st – Seventh day of anti-valentine

Why Are Some Cultures Opposed to Valentine’s Day?

Some cultures are against Valentine’s because they consider it to be a cultural contamination from the West. A few of the cultures that don’t support it include:

  • Hindu
  • Islamic traditionalists
  • Christian people of India

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to go out with your partner on Valentine’s Day. Hence, we’re not against Valentine’s Day celebrations. But you shouldn’t put too many expectations on a single day. You don’t need a particular day to validate your love for your significant other. Love and care can be shown any day, including in anti-valentine week. 

It’ll also help you discover the perfect opportunity to show your partner love, and avoid a toxic relationship. You can also get good books from Amazon to save your negativity. 

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Affiliate Disclosure: Some links on are affiliate links. If you click and purchase through these links, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. We only recommend products and services we believe will provide value to our readers. Thank you for your support!
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