What Does the International Day for People of African Descent Mean?

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The International Day for People of African Descent celebrates the extraordinary contributions of the African diaspora since August 31, 2021. 

Initiated by the UN, the day promotes the abolition of all forms of prejudice against people of African descent.

The spirit and contributions of the African diaspora to, among other things, literature, science, and research have long been acknowledged. Not to mention their efforts to better their community, the black community continues to have a notable presence and a positive impact on the world. 

This first commemoration of The International Day for People of African Descent falls in the middle of another U.N. initiative called the International Decade for People of African Descent. 

It signaled a significant shift in how marginalization and discrimination against people of African descent are handled globally.

In all of their diversity and wealth, African communities have influenced many regions of the world.

Thus,  the International Day for People of African Descent honors the vibrant culture of Africans in the diaspora while celebrating their values and contributions.

Through film, dance, music, and art presentations, this celebration also hopes to give people a chance to learn more about African heritage and culture.

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How to Celebrate International Day for People of African Descent

Schedule a Visit to Museums and Memorials

Wherever you’re in the world, you can find significant museums and memorials dedicated to African history and heritage. 

During International Day for People of African Descent, African cultural centers often hold panel discussions, activities, and workshops.

This is an ideal time to plan a visit. 

Check Out African Artists

African artists around the world have a vast body of work that includes literature, art, music, and film, which is its canon. 

It can be exciting and rewarding to stumble upon a diverse range of tales and musings, ideal for commemorating International Day for People of African Descent.

Read About Black History

Engaging with historical accounts of Africa and the lessons you can learn from them today is one of the main goals of International Day for People of African Descent. 

This is a crucial way to apprehend the histories of African communities, whether you do it alone or with a group.

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Why Is the International Day for People of African Descent Significant?

What Does the International Day for People of African Descent Mean?
A Black man in African print. Image source: Freepik licensed under CC BY 2.0

Advances the Values of Humanity

No matter a person’s race or ethnicity, this day emphasizes the value of equality and inclusion for everyone. 

It emphasizes the importance of ending discrimination and advancing opportunities for those of African descent. This is true across some sectors, including public services, employment, and education. 

 Addresses Issues of social justice 

Observing this day is a reminder that many African communities around the world, especially in America and Europe, still face issues of social injustice and exclusion. 

Despite many efforts and initiatives, many of these issues are worthy of attention and sustainable solutions. 

Honors the Marginalized African Community

The cultural landscape of Africa is one of the most diverse in the world. The many contributions African communities have made to human civilization and the extensive history of artistic creation make African communities stand out despite a history of exploitation, exclusion, and slavery.

People of African Descent Light up the world. 

Also, the International Day for People of African Descent emphasizes the importance of human rights and fundamental freedom. It affirms commitment to ending racism and all forms of racial discrimination. 

Further, the history of African descent kindles innovation and creativity, brightening aspects of life that seem impossible. Notable are the three black figures who contributed to NASA—Mary W. Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Dorothy Vaughan—whose names will forever be etched not just in black history but in the history of the world.

Solidarity and Unity

The day fosters solidarity and unity among African Americans and around the world. It encourages people to stand against racism and discrimination and work collectively to create a more inclusive, equitable, and unified society.

Education and Awareness

By dedicating a specific day to the celebration and recognition of people of African descent, the International Day for People of African Descent creates awareness about African Americans’ history, achievements, and challenges. 

This can lead to a better understanding of their experiences and promote empathy. You can read about African American culture through this book on Amazon.

Collective Action to End Racism

African Americans are leading the way in advocating for eradicating racism and the related injustices that it fosters around the globe.

Racism makes humanity less valuable. It’s one of the biggest obstacles to sustainable development because it necessitates collaboration and leaves no one behind to address the problems of poverty, conflict, and climate change. 

Consequently, a day like International Day for People of African Descent serves as a reminder to keep speaking out against the phenomenon and promoting racial equality. 

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The International Day for People of African Descent essentially promotes the principles necessary for a just, inclusive, and peaceful world.

It focuses on the significance of appreciating and acknowledging the contributions of people of African descent. In addition, it promotes the equality of all people, fights against discrimination, and promotes a stronger sense of world peace and harmony. 

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