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5 Best Black-Owned Water Companies Making a Difference


Did you know that some of the most refreshing and sustainable water options come from Black-owned companies? In a world where conscious consumption matters more than ever, join us as we explore the best black-owned water companies quenching thirst and making a remarkable difference.

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Eleven 86 Water

Born from a deep commitment to health and sustainability, Eleven 86 Water is a refreshingly innovative water company that has redefined how we experience hydration. Eleven 86 Water boasts a uniquely smooth and crisp taste unparalleled in the beverage industry.

The source for Eleven 86 Water comes from a small, densely populated area of Autaugaville, located in central Alabama. The water is made through an advanced filtration process that eliminates impurities while retaining essential minerals. Every sip of Eleven 86 Water offers a revitalizing burst of pure hydration that invigorates both body and soul.

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Live Alkaline Water

As your body craves balance, Live Alkaline Water is an oasis of health, offering the perfect companion for enhanced hydration and revitalization. Live Alkaline Water is all-natural, black-owned, and 100% chemical free. 

It also has over 100 minerals the body needs to function effectively. The Water was the first black-owned water brand to be sold in Walmart. 

Live Alkaline Water boasts a pH level that harmoniously balances and nourishes your body. With a silky-smooth texture and a refreshing taste, each sip is a rejuvenating experience that helps restore your body’s natural equilibrium.

Maji Pure

5 Best Black-Owned Water Companies Making a Difference
Maji Pure Water Screenshot. Image Source: Maji Pure Homepage

Sourced from the heart of untouched springs and meticulously filtered to perfection, Maji Pure Water offers a taste of nature’s finest in every drop. The water contains calcium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium, which contributes to its unmatched health benefits. 

Drinking Maji Pure more often can help prevent dehydration. The best part is that the body absorbs it more regularly than the normal water. Maji Pure also enhances circulation to ensure moisture is carried throughout the body. 

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Lasco iCool Water

Quench your thirst in style with Lasco iCool Water, a refreshing revelation in the world of hydration. Known for its distinctively sleek and modern packaging, Lasco iCool Water delivers not only on aesthetics but also on taste. 

What sets Lasco iCool Water apart is its innovative commitment to health and wellness. Enriched with essential minerals, this water hydrates and provides an extra layer of nourishment for your body. Whether on the go, at the gym, or simply looking for a moment of pure indulgence, Lasco iCool Water promises a satisfying hydration experience.

876 Blue Mountain Spring Water

Indulge in the essence of nature with 876 Water, a premium offering that encapsulates the purity and beauty of Jamaica’s renowned Blue Mountain range. Sourced from the pristine springs of this iconic region, 876 Water undergoes a meticulous filtration process, ensuring that every drop retains its natural, untouched flavor. 

With a subtle mineral balance and a refreshingly crisp taste, 876 Blue Mountain Spring Water takes you to the heart of the Caribbean’s lush landscapes. Bottled at the source, 876 Water reflects the rich history and culture of the Blue Mountain region, offering a connection to its purest essence. 

These innovative Black-owned water companies are redefining the hydration landscape with exceptional quality, unique stories, and eco-conscious practices. When you buy their products, you enjoy premium hydration and support diversity, sustainability, and community empowerment

You can also get a water purification book on Amazon to learn more about what these black-owned companies bring.  

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