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How to Play F1 Fantasy and Become the Best Driver on the Grid

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The 2024 Formula One season is underway with the pre-season testing taking place at the Bahrain International Circuit Sakhir. This means you should get your F1 Fantasy team ready. It’s one of the fantasy games you can play and test your management skills. 

That said, if you’re playing the game for the first time, you’ll need help and that’s why we’ve made this post. Continue reading.

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Basics of F1 Fantasy

Formula One cars racing on track. Source: Wikimedia licensed by CC-BY-2.0

The key to playing F1 fantasy well is to follow the rules and understand the basics of the game. One of the most important things you should understand is the points-scoring system.

Point-Scoring System

A review of F1 Fantasy. Video Credit: F1 Fantasy Hub

If you don’t understand the real-life Formula One scoring system, you’re not likely to understand the fantasy one. Don’t fret. It’s simple. A race weekend is divided into different phases – practise, qualifying, sprint races which are only available in six circuits and race day. How does the scoring work?

During qualifying, drivers earn points depending on their results. The pole position gets the most points with 10 and any driver below that scores a point less. Any driver who finishes outside the top 10 spots, doesn’t score any points. If your driver doesn’t set a time, they lose 5 points and if they’re disqualified, they lose 15 points.

Constructors can make or lose points based on driver’s performances. If the drivers don’t get to the second qualifying session, they lose -1. If only one gets to Q2, the constructors gain a point. Three points are awarded if both drivers get to Q2. 

For the third qualifying session, five points are given if one driver gets to Q3 and 10 points if both get there.

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Race Day

Drivers’ points on race day come from the driver’s finishing position and overtaking. Moving up the grid equals one point, losing a position leads to a point loss. When a driver overtakes another driver, he gets a point. The driver who sets the fastest lap and driver of the day gets 10 points.

The winner of the race gets 25 points, the second 18 points and the third 15 points. From the fourth position, which has 12 points, to tenth (1), points decrease by two. If a driver finishes outside the 10 places, they don’t score points. 

If a driver doesn’t finish a race, they lose 20 points and disqualification leads to losing 25 points.

Constructors also get points on race day based on the fastest pit stops and from their two drivers. The fastest pit stop gets the team 10 points, the second 5 points and the third 3 points.  

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Sprint Races

There are only six sprint races available for the 2024 season and it’s your chance to boost your points. Drivers can earn points based on their finishing position, overtaking, gaining position and getting the fastest lap.

The sprint winner gets 8 points and it decreases by one to the 8th place. From 9th to 20th place gets zero points. 25 points are lost for disqualification and 20 points for not finishing the race.

Constructors’ points come from a combined driver’s score.

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Creating your F1 Fantasy Team  

F1 Fantasy. Video Credit: LottieTalksF1

Now that you know how you’ll score points, let’s look at creating your F1 fantasy team. You have $100 million to spend so you need to know where to spend it. 

You’re allowed to create three teams, have five drivers and two constructors and each comes with their value. You’re likelier to score more points if you choose a better driver. 

Firstly, you need to create an online account on the F1 Website. Once you have your account set up, the fun begins.

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Every week before the deadline, you can make changes to your team. You have two transfers at your disposal after every race week and a third transfer will cost you 4 points. You have to use your unused transfers the following week as they won’t pile up. 

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DRS Boost

The DRS boost is one of the most important features in F1 Fantasy. Just like the chips in Premier League fantasy, the DRS boost will double the points on your driver.


Chips will help you boost your points but you have to know when to use them because they are only available once for every race. You have six types to use – autopilot, limitless, wildcard, no negative, final fix and extra DRS. 

The F1 Fantasy is simple. You only have to follow the guide and tips given to enjoy the game. Don’t worry if you start slowly. Just make sure you keep improving after every game week.  

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