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Black Athletes Who Became Successful Entrepreneurs


In today’s world, no matter how successful you are, you can’t rely on just one job. Diversification is something a lot of people are doing. Athletes are a prime example of that. Even though they earn millions and can comfortably survive on their salaries, they still establish businesses. 

Here are black athletes who are also successful entrepreneurs. 

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1. LeBron James

It’s no surprise that one of the highest-paid basketballers is also a successful entrepreneur. Some of the businesses he owns or is interested in include Liverpool Football Club through Fenway Sports Group, a film production company SpringHill Entertainment, blaze pizza, and a sports nutrition company, Ladder. LeBron also runs his foundation through which he gives back to the community. 

2. Devin Booker

Devin Booker is another black athlete who is also a successful entrepreneur. He’s put his money into upcoming businesses like sports video ventures Overtime and Buzzer, GoPuff, and COCO5, a coconut-water brand.

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3. Paul Pogba

French footballer Paul Pogba has invested some of his earnings in various businesses. He’s one of the footballers who’s invested in the NFT market. Although one of the ventures he promoted didn’t work out, he still put his money into Autograph, which sells NFT sports memorabilia. 

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4. Lewis Hamilton

The British Formula One driver has a number of businesses. He owns a film production company Dawn Apollo Films, has a clothing brand, +44, due to his love for fashion, and has invested in some businesses. 

The driver has been vocal about his plant-based diet and invested in restaurants that serve meat-free diets. Neat Burgers in London is one of them. 

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5. Mohamed Coulibaly

The soccer player runs a successful clothing business. His brand Motion Apparelz which sells sneakers, reached 4 million net sales by the time he was 21. Two things inspired him. Firstly, wanting to have a good lifestyle and also the clothing style of the NBA players. 

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6. Serena Williams

The tennis powerhouse launched her business Serena Ventures, in 2014. The business supports founders whose businesses have an element of diversity. She’s put money into numerous startups like Propel, a startup in Brooklyn that sells digital food stamps, and Mayvenn, a hair extension company. 

7. Alex Rodriguez

Rodriguez started his investment firm ARORD COP in 2003. Through it, he’s put money into different types of industries like real estate and tech. Apartment List is one of the companies he’s invested in alongside Density, a startup that makes building monitoring sensors.

8. Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson, known by his stage name The Rock, is one of the black athletes who became a successful entrepreneur. He owns Teremana Tequilla and ZOA Energy drinks

Apart from that, his transition into the entertainment industry has been nothing but successful. The Rock has featured in many successful movies like Fast & Furious. Additionally, he’s reportedly one of the highest-paid celebrities on Instagram.

9. George Foreman

The former heavyweight boxing champion is one of the Black athletes who’s now a successful entrepreneur. Foreman monetized his name through a partnership with Salton Inc. The company reportedly paid $138 million for his name and image. 

These black athletes have translated their success on the field to the business world. If you want to be as successful as these athletes, you should read some investment books. Go to Amazon to find some of the best titles. 

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