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Peetah Morgan: What You Need to Know About Morgan Heritage’s Lead Vocalist

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Known globally for speaking on the injustice of the voiceless, Peetah Morgan was the lead singer of family reggae band Morgan Heritage. He’s the son of renowned Jamaican reggae singer Denroy Morgan.

In collaboration with his siblings – Roy “Gramps” Morgan, Una Morgan, Memmalatel, and Nakhamyah “Lukes” Morgan, Peetah established Morgan Heritage and pushed the band to an international level where it was able to receive a Grammy for Best Reggae Album. Continue reading to learn more about the Morgan’s Heritage lead vocalist.

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Peetah Morgan Career 

Peter Morgan (Peetah) lifestyle and net worth 2024 before his untimely demise. Video Credit: @legendslig2157

Peetah’s musical career took off in Brooklyn, New York, where his family settled after they left Jamaica. It was in Brooklyn that Peetah, the lead singer of the family reggae band developed his musical talent. In 1994, Peetah and his siblings formed the Morgan Heritage band. 

They made their first stage appearance at Reggae Sunsplash in Jamaica. After that, Music Corporation of America (MCA) signed them and they released ‘Miracles’, their first album that same year. 

After the release of the band’s debut album, the Morgan family relocated back to Jamaica, Denroy’s homeland. Within this time, three family members left the band. While in Jamaica, the band started to work with Lloyd James and Bobby Dixon, reggae producers. These collaborations gave birth to their second album titled ‘Protect Us Jah’ (1997). 

The reggae band went on to release many other albums, including ‘One Calling‘ (1998) and ‘The Morgan Heritage Family and Friends’. After many years in which each member of the band worked solo, they came together in 2012 and released a single titled ‘The Return.’

Since the establishment of the Morgan Heritage band, Peetah was been committed to making it succeed. He infused elements of reggae and calypso into the Morgan’s Heritage band’s sound and the songs have a lot of storytelling. The band’s songs were comforting and inspiring since they usually sing about issues affecting people. 

Their songs resonated with good music lovers across different states, including New Orleans and Puerto Rico. Morgan Heritage reggae band’s success took the reggae group’s members far beyond the shores of Jamaica. Check out some of the Morgan Heritage band’s songs on Amazon

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Peetah Morgan’s Death

Peter ‘Peetah’ Morgan lead singer of Morgan Heritage has died. Video Credit: @JBNNetwork

Peter Anthony Morgan died on Sunday, 25 February 2024 at 46. Mr Peetah’s family confirmed his death in a statement on the reggae group’s official social media platform. However, the family’s statement didn’t mention the cause of death. 

News of Morgan’s death came as a big surprise to his fans and fellow music artists. After the family confirmed the news, fans, fellow musicians, and top government officials, including Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness began to send in their tributes. In Jamaica’s Prime Minister’s tribute, he noted that the death of Morgan was a colossal loss for Jamaica and for Reggae Music

Various media houses, including CBS, The Associated Press, The New York Times, and ABC News also covered his death very well. They highlighted legacy and contribution to the music industry. 

Despite his death, Peetah Morgan will always be remembered through his music and the legacy he created. As fans across the different states, including Nashville, Tennessee Massachusetts, Jamaica, and the world mourn him, they find solace in the songs he left behind. You can stream and listen to his songs on Amazon

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