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Meet Beatrice Domond, a Trailblazing Skateboarder Breaking Barriers


Beatrice Domond worked her way up in the skateboarding world. From exchanging emails with Bill Strobeck and Jason Dill to landing sponsorship with Vans and becoming the first woman to ride for the brand. Domond knew she wanted to be a skateboarder at 14 and chased her passion. However, that didn’t come without challenges. Today, Domond enjoys the fruits of her hard work and continues to inspire girls who want to join skateboarding. 

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Beatrice Domond’s Early Days

Beatrice Domond. Video Credit: ZUBR

Domond started skateboarding at the age of seven. However, she also participated in other sports; basketball, soccer and tennis. She played tennis for five years but eventually settled on skateboarding

She says it gave her an irreplaceable feeling. Also, Domond likes to be in charge and skateboarding allows her to do so.

One of the biggest steps she made when she was starting, was having her brother film her YouTube videos. She sent some of these videos to Jason Dill and Bill, who were impressed by her skills. 

This is how she accumulated the following.

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Professional Skating

Beatrice Domond showing her skateboarding skills. Video Credit: Stance

The skateboarder credits her family for laying the foundation for her professional career. When she decided to pursue it professionally, her mother supported her because she wanted her to explore her passion. “She told us we could be anything,” Domond tells Andscape. Her father was a skateboarder so he didn’t have any issues with her skateboarding.

Becoming a pro made her realize that the skating industry is a neat community. This came with endorsements through which she received branded skateboarding items. She’s sponsored by Supreme and engaged in projects with brands like Vans.

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Third Shoe Collection

Beatrice Domond’s shoe collection. Video Credit: David Bluetile

In July 2023, the third collection of Vans shoes came out: Vans Zahb Mid and Skate Style 53 shoes. In 2021, she released the first shoe line – Vans Ave Pro and Skate Style 53. Speaking about the design, Domond says she was more expressive about the third collection than she was in the first. 

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“When it comes to design and detail, I’m a control freak. When making the first shoe, I was timid and didn’t want to give away a big part of my personality. But this chance came when my confidence was solid and have more experience. I learnt a lot about shoes and was ready.” Domond said. 

Her latest shoe is a reflection of the changes in her life. 

“I was going through a lot of changes during that fall; tore my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and was going through a breakup. At this time, the leaves fall and change and turn into a goldish green-brown color. This is what I went with so that’s what the shoe is about.”

Additionally, Beatrice Domond has appeared in the Boys Of Summer 2 video and Supreme video by CANDYLAND

Beatrice Domond is paving the way for black skaters. Nonetheless, she says she doesn’t think about it and just focuses on her skating. She wants to go back to her hometown in Florida and build a skatepark. 

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