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Black-Owned Skateboard Company List: Top 6

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Our black history is marked by racism, which penetrated American systems. As a result, systemic racism exists. And whether non-black people are unconscious of its existence, it’s still ever-present. To bridge the gap brought about by systemic racism, some entrepreneurs felt the need to start black-owned skateboard companies. 

They’re spread across the United States. We have compiled a black-owned skateboard company list that you can support.

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Let’s dive in!

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1. Proper Gnar

As a black-owned establishment, Proper Gnar is the only Black woman-owned skateboarding business today. And it’s the first one on our black-owned skateboard company list.  

Latosha Stone founded the company in 2012 to customize skateboards to look different from other brands. She also aimed to increase the participation of black women in skating. 

The company describes skateboarding as a movement and a way for artistic expression. Proper Gnar gives you the opportunity to engage in skateboarding. Irrespective of your ethnicity, or age, Proper Gnar caters to the needs of like-minded women.


The skateboarding culture is at the foundation of the ALL ONE company. Rodney Smith founded the black-led skateboarding company. He’s also a founder of Zoo York and SHUT Skateboards.

The company’s purpose is to encourage youth groups to be more self-conscious. They believe the world can improve if people practice mindfulness and show humanity toward others.

3. Daze Skateboards

“As a black-owned business, Daze Skateboards consists of a skating team from San Antonio, California, and it was launched in 2016. They even have a YouTube channel,” No Half Dayz.””As a black-owned business, Daze Skateboards consists of a skating team from San Antonio, California, and it was launched in 2016. They even have a YouTube channel, “ No Half Dayz.”

In the channel, you see the Daze Skateboards family in the streets. They target rising, talented skaters in Texas. It features Eddie Middleton, Cameron Madani, Terry Cristanelli, Jacob Kelleher, Daniel Epperson, and Nip Frazier.

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4. Big Black Biscuit

This is another business in our Black Owned Skateboard Company List. The black-led business calls the ability of everyone to access art.

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They incorporate art in their skateboards, giving them an attractive look. When they install great pieces on skateboards, they do more than merely remove art from museum walls and redistribute it to the community. The thing is, Big Black Biscuit feels it’s a calling to join the skateboarding movement.

5. Hardies Hardware

Tyshawn Jones established Hardies Hardware with teammate Na-Kel Smith. It’s a hardware and apparel company. This was after years of skating as a professional. 

Jones started skating at 10. He was skating with his uncle and brother before buying his first skateboard from Target.

Tyshawn persevered, not allowing setbacks to discourage him, and focused more on skating scarcity of friends. Meeting better skaters gave Jones a competitive drive, propelling him to improve.

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6. Public Housing Skate Team

Public Housing Skate Team is a group of committed and accomplished young men who have built just a small brand directly from public housing. Real-life tales inspire all of the products they sell.

Regardless of their difficult surroundings, they live optimistic and artistic lives. They use their place to create a brand to support where they want to be.

Our black-owned skateboard company list shows black entrepreneurs going out of their way to excel in an activity where other ethnic groups dominate. Which other black-owned skateboarding company do you know of?

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