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Take Your Family to 8 Historic Sites in Atlanta That Celebrate Black History


The historic sites in Atlanta harbor some of the most significant moments of America’s past. Visiting historical places is a good way of learning about the city you’re visiting. It furnishes you with historical milestones and people’s contributions and explains the importance of the city to the wider country.

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If Atlanta, Georgia is your next traveling destination, these are the attraction sites you should consider visiting.

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Atlanta History Center

A tour of the Atlanta History Center. Video Credit: Masou TV

Founded in 1926, the Atlanta History Center sits at Buckhead. It’s one of the most iconic museums in the Southeast United States. It contains historic houses, gardens and exhibitions. Some of the interactive exhibitions include the Cyclorama, the locomotion railroads and Mandarin Shutze.

Historic sites include Smith House, Swan House and the Victorian Playhouse among others. Additionally, the center has numerous events that you can sign up for. 

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Chick-fil-A Fil-A College Hall of Fame

Take Your Family to 8 Historic Sites in Atlanta That Celebrate Black History
College Football Hall of Fame building. Source: Wikimedia licensed by CC-BY-2.0

If you’re a sports enthusiast, this is one of the Atlanta attractions you should visit. You’ll see helmets from every college in the United States and engage in fun activities like karaoke, watching historical moments in the theatre and face painting. After all that, you’ll most likely see inductees of the College Hall of Fame on the third floor.

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David J. Sencer CDC Museum

Take Your Family to 8 Historic Sites in Atlanta That Celebrate Black History
David J. Sencer CDC Museum in Atlanta, GA. Source: Wikimedia licensed by Public domain

If you want to understand how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) makes medical breakthroughs, the David J. Sencer CDC Museum is the place to go. At this museum, you can explore current and historical health issues through the expertise and content of the site. You’ll also learn about the CDC’s history and its advancements in public health.

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Delta Flight Museum

A tour of the Delta Flight Museum. Video Credit: Airport Spotting Aviation Videos

The Delta Flight Museum is one of the best Atlanta Georgia tourist attractions you should check out. It’s a good insight into aviation history and development. Some of the items in the museum haven’t been publicly shown so you might be among few people to witness Delta’s collection. It has:

  • The Spirit of Delta
  • A Boeing 767
  • Boeing 737-200 full-motion simulator
  • DC-3 
  • Ship 41

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Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum

Jimmy Carter Presidential Library. Video Credit: Daze with Jordan the Lion

This facility keeps the legacy of Jimmy Carter alive. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like sitting in the Oval Office, this historic site in Atlanta is a great way of experiencing that. Learn more about his tenure and spend a day with family and friends in the serene gardens dotted with sculptures and paintings.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Park

A visit to the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Park. Video Credit: Venture Lyfe

This is one of the historic sites in Atlanta that you should prioritize. The impact Martin Luther King Jr had remains relevant not just for African Americans but to the entire country. Atlanta was his birthplace and this site allows you to see where he spent his early years. You’ll also listen to Dr. King’s speeches, and learn more about his life and legacy.

Additionally, there are exhibits and landmarks you should be excited about like: 

  • The King Center by Coretta Scott King.
  • The Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Historic Oakland Cemetery

Take Your Family to 8 Historic Sites in Atlanta That Celebrate Black History
The Oakland Cemetery is a 40-acre (16 ha) public cemetery. Source: Wikimedia licensed by CC-BY-SA-4.0

The Oakland cemetery is the final resting place of important figures in the African American community like Bishop Wesley John Gaines, former Atlanta Mayor Ivan Allen and Maynard Jackson. You can also visit the art gallery, book the space for an event and wonder at the city’s rich history. 

National Center for Civil and Human Rights

Take Your Family to 8 Historic Sites in Atlanta That Celebrate Black History
The National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta, Georgia (United States). Source: Wikimedia licensed by CC-BY-SA-4.0

You can’t talk about the Civil Rights Movement without mentioning Atlanta. It was at the forefront and remains in highlighting past and present human rights issues. Here, visitors can see the three main exhibits:

  • the civil rights
  • Human Rights
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Collection

Through these features, you’ll know more about the city’s role in fighting for equality for African Americans and the achievements of the civil rights leaders.   

Visiting Atlanta is one of the best adventures you can have. These historic sites will leave you with a sense of appreciation and knowledge about Atlanta’s history. Have you been to any of these historic sites in Atlanta? What was your experience?

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