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Deandre Hopkins’ Mom: The Unbreakable Bond Between Mother and Son


The love between a mother and son is profound. We’ve seen athletes openly show their appreciation for their loved ones for their accomplishments. More often than not, athletes get all the recognition but many people behind-the-scenes support them. 

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The story of Deandre Hopkins’ mom, Sabrina Greenlee, captures that. She went through a horrific experience, and the football player uses every moment he can to show his gratitude. Let’s look at their story.

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What Happened to Deandre Hopkin’s Mom?

Deandre Hopkins’s mom suffered an acid attack in 2002. She had gone to her lover’s house to confront him about using her car without permission. However, this was the day that her life changed forever. 

Savannah Grant, who was thought to be another of his lovers, poured bleach and lye on her face. Her boyfriend drove her to the petrol station and left her there. She recounted the ordeal in an interview with ESPN.

“And as I’m lying there, I’m thinking. Why would someone pour warm water on my face? But a couple of seconds later, I realized it wasn’t warm water, because my skin was literally falling off my face, my neck, my chest and my back.”

Sabrina Greenlee was rushed to the emergency room, after which news of her condition reached her family. She was in hospital for several weeks in another state. 

At the time of the incident, DeAndre Hopkins was visiting his father in Georgia. Sabrina was taken to Augusta, Georgia, for further treatment. DeAndre described how difficult it was for them to wait to have their mother back home.

“It was hard having her taken away temporarily. You don’t really know what your next day is, or what you’re gonna do. You feel like you’re all alone in the world without your mom or dad.” DeAndre told ESPN.

When DeAndre Hopkins’ mom returned home, they were shocked after seeing her. DeAndre and his brother admit to being scared and couldn’t even ask her questions. Also, he wondered whether her mum would watch him play football ever again. 

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Rebuilding Her Life

It took a lot of work for DeAndre Hopkins’ mom to rebuild her life. She struggled with not being able to take care of her kids. She learnt how to move around the house, did babysitting jobs and sold drugs to make money.

Sabrina Greenlee was doing well, but she thought she’d settled first into her new life until she attended one of DeAndre’s matches. She couldn’t help but think that people were looking at her. She then locked herself in her room for days on end even though she knew DeAndre wanted her to go to his games.

“I knew he wanted me there, but it was really tough,” DeAndre Hopkins’ mum says.

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Watching DeAndre

DeAndre Hopkins plays for the Tennessee Titans. When he joined the National Football League (NFL) in 2013, he was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals but joined his current team in 2023. 

Today, his mother attends every game. Her children describe to her what is happening on the field. This helped her to move past the huddle of thinking of herself as a monster. 

“I was able to cope with being blind, the scars and the ridicule. I think it gave me the courage to eventually find myself.” DeAndre Hopkins’ mom said.

On DeAndre’a part, he admitted that he was more driven and wanted to help out. “We needed food on the table and I always knew I took care of more than myself from a young age.”

On his bond with her mother, DeAndre describes it as a friendship and a mother-son relationship: “She’s one of the funniest people I know and definitely makes a room brighter.”

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Survivor Initiative

DeAndre Hopkins’ mom runs a nonprofit SMOOTH (Speaking Mentally, Outwardly Opening Opportunities Toward Healing), to help survivors of domestic violence. Her son helps her to raise money and meet people. 

It’s admirable how DeAndre Hopkins’ mom has overcome her obstacles to get to where she’s right now. It’s also amazing to see the kind of support she’s received from her son and how well he’s done in his career.

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