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Become a Tech Bro/Sis In Your 40s: 8 Best Tech Jobs for Career Changers


Is it wise to make a career change at 40 after you’ve invested so much effort, time, and resources in your current profession?

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In the past, it was typical to pick a job and remain with it for many years until retiring. But that’s no longer the case. You can change careers whenever you want, and it’s even easier with tech. 

Many people who have made the difficult decision to change careers are pleased with their choices. So, if you are uninspired by your current job, need better pay for financial stability, or want to avoid career burnout, a career change in technology is the next best thing to do.

In this article, we share with you some best tech jobs for career changers that you can try. 

8 Best Tech Jobs for Career Changers

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  1. Technical writer

As a technical writer, your job is to communicate technical analysis on specialized topics to your audience. For example, you can assist those who need help using tech gadgets and devices. You can also provide engineers who require assistance with industrial-scale machines with technically written documents outlining the proper way to use the devices. 

Technical writing can take many forms, including reports, FAQs, wiki pages, user manuals, and more. 

  1. Digital Marketing 

Digital marketers are experts who shape advertising content based on trends like web traffic interaction by using their company’s visibility and growth metrics, even those of their competitors. Digital marketing experts are well-versed in SEO, social media, and analytics.

  1. UX designers

User experience (UX) designers solve user problems by creating user-friendly and enjoyable products. As a UX designer, you’d have to interact with a product or service, e.g., by using a mobile app, browsing a website, or even using a physical product.  UX designers create these products alongside other professionals, such as software developers and analysts. 

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  1. UI designers 

User interface (UI) designers build user interfaces in software or digital devices, focusing on style and looks. They produce interfaces that are enjoyable and simple for users to use. UI design includes voice-activated interfaces in addition to graphical user interfaces. 

UX and UI designs work hand in hand, but they do have their distinct role. UI design is only applicable to digital products.

  1. Data analyst 

Data analysts take up raw data, turn it into information and insights,  and use it to make decisions and solve customers’ problems. They frequently collaborate closely with management experts and other stakeholders to find meaningful patterns and use statistics, such as e-commerce traffic or advertisement views, to inform business decisions. Data analysis might be an excellent fit for you if you have a background in business, finance, statistics, or mathematics.

  1. Software Developer

Software developers design, program, build and maintain software applications and programs using many different tools and skills. They work hand in hand with designers, product managers, and programmers to design, prototype, and analyze software. They acquire skills like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. If you like to code, you might have a future as a software developer.

  1. WordPress developer 

WordPress is a free and open-source website development platform. It powers most of the world’s websites. WordPress developers create themes and plugins, manage versions, and back up websites.

As a WordPress developer, you can improve an existing website or build a website for a client. If you learn to create WordPress sites, you will be in high demand for full-time jobs and freelancing work. 

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  1. Product Manager

A product manager connects business strategy, design expertise, and customer needs to produce a product that is appropriate, usable, and valuable. Product managers prioritize maximizing return on investment while tailoring a product to fit user requirements and business goals.

These are just some of the most sought-after and best tech jobs for career changers. And if you’re looking to change careers for better financial stability, you’ll be delighted to know that these tech jobs are highly lucrative. Read Also: 6 Black-Owned Tech Platforms Building Digital Communities

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