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Draymond Green’s Suspension: Why He Lost His Cool in Court 7 Times


No one doubts the playing ability of Golden State Warriors power forward Draymond Green. However, no matter how good you are at your craft, your behavior and reputation precede you. Draymond Green’s suspension isn’t a surprise to devout NBA fans because he has a  record of unsportsmanlike behavior. 

This time, the league has taken a more stringent stand, suspending him indefinitely, and his employer is not in a quick rush to bring him back. In this post, we look at Green’s history of on-court misdemeanors.

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Breaching the Technical Foul Limit

This was another reason for Draymond Green’s suspension. During the 2022/23 season, the power forward missed one game after receiving his 16th foul. 

According to the NBA rules, any player who gets 16 technical fouls will be out for one game without pay. Also, if he adds to the fouls, a player will get another suspension without pay. 

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Clashing With Lebron James

One of the most prolific suspensions Green got involved in was with LeBron James. During the 2016 NBA Finals game. The two got tangled up at the center of the court and as LeBron tried to get over it, the Warriors player struck his hand in his groin. 

After the incident, he got a double foul but after review, the league decided his actions warranted a flagrant 1 foul to add to three others. 

This led to a suspension and the Warriors lost the championship to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Green was blamed for the Warriors championship loss.

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Fight with Kevin Durant

In 2018, former Warriors player Kevin Durant was another victim of Green’s temper. During a game against the LA Clippers, he ignored Durant’s call to pass the ball. He lost it and the Warriors lost the game. Afterward, the two were involved in a heated exchange, leading to Green’s suspension. 

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Headlocking Rudy Gobert 

No one can explain why Green did what he did against the Minnesota Timberwolves player Gobert. The Warriors won the ball and were on offense when a push and pull between Klay Thompson and Jaden McDaniels ensued. 

Green went in and held Gobert in a chokehold position. It took his coach, other members on the bench, and players to separate the two. All three players were ejected from the game and Green missed five games afterwards.

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Punching Jusuf Nurkić

This is the incident that led to Draymond Green’s suspension. In December, he hit the Phoenix Suns player Nurkić on the face while fighting for position. Nurkić was behind him when Green turned around and struck him with his right hand on the face. 

The referees examined the incident and issued him with a flagrant 2 call, which led to his ejection. The NBA Vice-President and Head of Basketball Operations, Joe Dumars, announced his indefinite suspension from the league.

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Punching Jordan Poole 

In the 2022/23 campaign, a video of Green punching his teammate Poole during a training session surfaced online. 

However, unlike his other misdemeanors, the team handed him a fine, not a suspension. 

Speaking about the decision, the head coach, Steve Kerr, said they examine situations individually. Green was present in the team’s opening game of the season.

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Stepping on Domantis Sabonis

A highlight of Draymond Green and Sabonis’s fight. Video Credit: Chaz NBA

In April 2023, Green added to his list of suspensions during a game against the Sacramento Kings. He stomped on Sabonis and later said he didn’t do it deliberately. 

He had nowhere to put his foot other than on his chest. The referee gave him a flagrant 2 foul, leading to him missing one game.

Draymond Green’s suspension list has led fans to call for the Golden State Warriors to end their association with him. The player has been to anger management classes and often comes across as remorseful in press briefings but repeats these unsportsmanlike behaviors. Do you think it’s time for the Warriors to let him go?

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