10 Most Popular NBA Teams on Social Media


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The National Basketball Association (NBA) teams enjoy a big following on social media. Fans follow them to remain updated on how the teams are performing and what they’re doing. It’s also a way for fans to engage with the team and at times, ask their favorite players questions. Which of the NBA teams has the largest following on social media?

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Brooklyn Nets – 11 million

The Nets are one of the most famous NBA teams in the league. The team has previously splashed money on big-name players like Kevin Durant, raising its popularity. The team’s biggest social media following is Instagram, with 5 million fans. On Facebook, it’s 3.1 million, Twitter stands at 2 million and TikTok at 1.4 million.

New York Knicks – 13 Million

The New York Knicks have a total social media following of over 13 million fans. The largest share of their following comes from Facebook, where they’ve accumulated over 6 million followers. On Twitter, 2.4 million people follow them and 4 million are on Instagram. TikTok adds to their growth with 1.1 million.

Oklahoma City Thunder – 15 million

The Oklahoma City Thunder have won the NBA Championship only once. The team plays its matches at the Paycom Centre arena. They have a solid fan base during their games and on social media. 

Facebook has the largest share of its following, with 6.2 million people. On Twitter, the Thunders have 3 million. It’s 6 million on Instagram, and TikTok has the least with 599,000.

San Antonio Spurs – 16 Million

Antonio Spurs has produced some of the most famous players in the league. Think about Tim Duncan, David Robinson George Irvin and others. This has earned them a huge following. 

Spurs biggest social media fanbase comes from Facebook, with a total following of 7 million. Instagram contributes to 5 million fans, Twitter 4 million and TikTok over 740,000

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Boston Celtics – 24 Million

The Celtics have always been one of the most enjoyable NBA teams to watch. The team’s been home to some of the NBA’s biggest players, like Larry Bird and Shaquille O’Neal. They’ve won 17 championships and, along the way, won many hearts.

The team has crossed the million mark on all its social media accounts. Facebook has the most, with 9 million, followed by Instagram at 8 million. Twitter and TikTok have 5 million and 2 million fans, respectively. 

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Houston Rockets – 26 Million

Most Houston Rockets fans are on Facebook, and the least on TikTok. The former has 15 million followers and the latter has 1.2 million. Twitter and Instagram have a cumulative following of 9.3 million, meaning the Houston Rockets have a total following of 26 million fans. 

The team plays its home matches at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. The arena holds over 18,000 fans.

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Miami Heat – 27 Million

Miami Heat is one of the most popular NBA teams on social media. Great players have passed through this team and have helped them win three NBA Championships. Furthermore, faithful fans have followed them on their social media channels. 

On Facebook, Miami Heat has 14 million followers, which is by far the biggest platform they have. Instagram, TikTok and Twitter have a total of 13 million. This gives them a following of 27 million fans. 

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Cleveland Cavaliers – 27 Million

The Cavaliers were the first team to acquire the services of LeBron James when they drafted him in 2003. Although he left in 2010, he returned in 2014 and helped them to its only championship in 2016. 

The team enjoys a good following with 16 million on Instagram and 8 million on Facebook. On Twitter, the Cavaliers have 3.3 million; on TikTok, the number stands at 636,000

Chicago Bulls – 33 Million

The Bulls have given us some of the most memorable moments in the NBA, from the legend Michael Jordan to the two three-peats between 1991 & 1993 and 1996 & 1998. Their success has brought them much following. 

On Facebook, the Chicago Bulls have 16 million followers. On Instagram, they have a following of 10 million, Twitter, has 5 million and on TikTok, 2.4 million. This gives them a total social media fanbase of 33 million. 

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Golden State Warriors – 59 Million

Golden State Warriors’ recent success has raised their status as one of the most supported NBA teams in the league. Their last NBA Championship came in 2022. The others came in:

  • 1947
  • 1956
  • 1975
  • 2015
  • 2017
  • 2018 

The GSW has one of the most exciting players in the league Steph Curry. He’s the all-time three-point scorer and has created his play around it. 

All this has contributed to their massive social media following. Instagram is their largest platform, with 32 million fans, Facebook with 13 million, Twitter with 8.4 million and TikTok with 6 million. This gives them a total fanbase of 59 million fans.

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Los Angeles Lakers – 59 Million

The Los Angeles Lakers are the most followed NBA team on social media. They have a double-digit following on three of their platforms. Their fanbase is popularly known as Lakers Nation. 

The team has been home to some of the game’s greatest superstars. From the late Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

On Facebook, the Lakers have 22 million fans, Instagram has 23.2 million followers. On Twitter, it’s 12 million; on TikTok, they’ve gathered 2 million. This brings them a total of 59 million fans.

Social media is a crucial part of sports teams. It’s an avenue to make their product visible. Do you follow any of the teams on social media? If you’re looking for quality basketballs, visit Amazon.

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