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Black-Owned Subscription Boxes Are The In-Thing – 8 Brands To Shop

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One of the most significant ways to support the Black community is by supporting Black-Owned businesses with your purchasing power. And shopping for Black-owned subscription boxes brand is a perfect way to do that. 

These brands choose and package products that suit the tastes of Black consumers while also uplifting the Black community. A carefully curated subscription box can be a great way to try out a new brand of cosmetics and lifestyle products. They also make for the best presents. 

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Although there are numerous options for shopping based on your needs, we strongly suggest keeping an eye out for these enticing Black-owned subscriptions. They are jam-packed with essential stationery items, delectable snacks, well-known skincare and beauty products, and more. And since you don’t need to get off your couch, the excitement each monthly or quarterly package’s arrival brings makes the wait much more worthwhile. 

These 8 Black-Owned Subscription Brands Will Deliver The Best-Curated Box To Your Doorstep 

  1. Tribe beauty box

If you love everything indie makeup, you’ll definitely love the tribe beauty box. This black-owned bimonthly beauty subscription box focuses on quality, seamless curation, and complementary products that work together to provide you with a complete beauty regimen in a box. All of the products are cruelty-free.

That feel-good spirit of having a new lipstick smacked on, or the appropriate skin moisturizer on your skin, that’s what the tribe beauty box brings to your doorstep. In search of a top-notch beauty subscription box? Look out for the Tribe beauty box!

  1. Work.Space.Spark

Work.Space.Spark ought to be your favorite subscription package if you’re a professional who needs a relaxing workspace to stay productive. Spark. 

You receive at least one new item for your workspace each month from this subscription box, along with helpful articles and access to online career training. Each month, they deliver 4-5 specially chosen trendy items to your doorstep.

  1. Blacklit

The box’s creator, Nia-Tayler Clark, set out to close the literacy gap and promote unity across racial lines. The subscription box highlights black authors and entrepreneurs. With every Blacklit bundle, you receive books and goods from black-owned businesses, enabling these businesses to expand their target markets.

  1. Ketoblack

Have you considered how challenging a ketogenic diet might be, especially when you’re out grocery shopping, trying to figure out which snacks are ketogenic and which aren’t? You don’t need to worry any longer! Keto Black has you covered.

They handpick a selection of delectable snacks, all with 5g net carbs or fewer, including cookies, protein bars, chocolates, and more. Enjoy delicious keto-friendly snacks by becoming a member of Ketoblack subscribers.

  1. Fourth phase

Fourth Phase is a one-for-one social impact brand that provides expecting moms with afterbirth care boxes.  They offer two boxes: the Vaginal Birth Box and the Belly Birth Box, based on a pregnant woman’s birthing method.

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They are a socially responsible brand for maternal wellness. Every expecting mother should subscribe to this service.

  1. Cloth and paper
Source: Instagram

The Cloth & Paper subscription may be a way to stock up on quality stationery, planners, and pens, but it’s also a way to organize your life!

Their service offers three different subscriptions, the penspiration box, the planning+stationery box, and the combined penspiration and planning+stationery box.

However, all subscriptions ensure that you can have classy communication and coordination available wherever you go.

  1. Petplate

If you’re a dog owner looking to provide your canines with the best food available, PetPlate is the perfect subscription box for you. It is a dog food designed to help your furry friends live longer, healthier lives. 

Every meal is created with your pet in mind, with the help of nutritionists, and each box is unique, with meal plans and amounts appropriate for your dog’s size and age. It eliminates all the work involved in giving your pet incredibly healthy meals.

  1. Brown toy box

Keeping your kids at home and engaged is one of the most challenging aspects of social isolation. But Brown Toy Box makes it easy.

Their goal is to normalize Black brilliance and open up lucrative employment options for Black kids through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics) education, cultural representation, and educational play. They include a book about a Black trailblazer or young hero, an activity that kids can try out and learn from, and another fun activity or treatment that focuses on a specific STEAM theme. You might want to try out this subscription box.

There are more black-owned subscription brands you can shop for. However, with these, you get the excitement of shopping at multiple brands in one convenient package. When the box arrives at your door, you’ll be grateful you signed up.

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Adesua Okoeguale
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