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Top 9 Black-Owned Travel Companies for Your Dream Holiday


In 2019, African Americans spent more than $100 billion on travel, according to MMGY Global, a travel research and marketing. Although the COVID 19 global pandemic affected this number, generally, the number of African Americans on the travel scene has steadily increased.

When traveling, you want to feel safe, experience cultural relevance and meet and interact with people who look like you. That is what black-owned travel companies provide. Finding these travel companies can be quite tasking since the mainstream travel industry has been painted predominantly white, with very little representation of black travelers

That’s where we come in. We have put together a directory of the top 9 black-owned travel companies that have allowed black people to explore and experience the world. 

1. Nomadness

Nomadness is one of the founding fathers of the black travel movement. The company started as a Youtube Channel where the founder, Evie Robbi, an African American woman, shared her globetrotting experiences.

Over the years, this platform has grown into a community of over 30,000 African Americans with over 100,00 passport stamps. The company hosts group trips, annual travel conferences, events and workshops.

Nomadness boasts of contributing over $50,000,000 annually to the travel industry. The prerequisite to joining this tribe is a passport. You’ll also have to pass a Newbie Bootcamp.

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2. Travel Noire

Second on our list of top black-owned travel companies is Travel Noire. Zim Ugochukwa founded the company as a space for millennials and young people of color to explore the world and bond over their experiences. She would later sell the business to Blavity Inc to scale it. Blavity Inc is also founded and run by a black woman Morgan DeBaun.

Travel Noire has continued to grow and flourish. It advocates that travel shouldn’t be expensive or only happen during vacations. The agency helps black travelers tour their dream destinations at affordable rates whenever they want. 

Recently it introduced Compass, a course designed to equip members with knowledge on how to travel on their terms. It features things like “How to Convince Your Boss to Work From Anywhere.”

3. Dipways

Most black-owned travel agencies are a brainchild of personal experience, and Dipways is one of them. Chadricks Everette founded this company after quitting his long successful career in marketing to tour the world. His travel experience was so breathtaking that he decided to make a living out of it. Hence the birth of Dipways, a luxury travel brand.

Dipways creates custom-made itineraries for individual clients and small groups, making sure you have a once in a lifetime. They go down to all details, including providing accommodation and a professional photographer to help document your trip.

4. Airfordable

As the names suggest, this company has made travel more accessible by making it more affordable. How so? Airfordable allows you to book your flights upfront for a fraction of the cost. You can then pay the rest of the amount in instalments before the day of travel.

If you’ve been postponing booking that vacation flight because you are low on money, Airfordable has come to your rescue. AmaMarfo founded the company after she struggled to pay for flight tickets to her country Ghana for school breaks. 

5. Milk+Honey Travels 

This black-owned travel company helps plan trips that are specifically tailored for you. Brianna Glenn founded Milk+ Honey after a ten-year career as a track and field athlete. Her athletic career helped her travel so much that she would later find something to stay connected with, touring the world.

The company’s services range from personalized trips to VIP packages. You can choose to enrol for the membership program or pay per trip. VIP travelers pay a retainer of $2000 that caters for:

  • Unlimited travel planning all year
  • Access to amenities and luxury properties
  • A travel assistant for all your trips

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6. Up In The Air Life (UITAL)

If you’re looking for black-owned travel companies that provide luxury experiences for African Americans, look no further. Up In The Air Life (UITAL)  is known for delivering premium travel experiences for black travelers. It has previously organized high-end events like wine tastings with black champagne makers in France. It has also hosted dinners n the Great Wall of China.

Travels with UITAL are luxurious, affordable, and curated to your needs.

7. TasteMakers Africa

If you want to stir your creative juices while exploring Africa, look no further than Tastemakers Africa. This black-owned travel company connects tourists to elite Africa-based creative classes.

Whether you want to learn Africa’s rich history, traditional cooking skills or explore the different cuisines of the continent, this company will connect you with the right people. Booking your trip with this agency gives. You have a chance to experience Africa through a creative lens.

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8. Innclusive

In 2015 a Harvard University research found widespread racial discrimination in the Airbnb business. Renters with a black profile or features of a black descent were blocked from booking accommodation and accepted when they faked white profiles. These claims have since been addressed

After experiencing his share of racial discrimination and writing about other people’s experiences, Rohan Gikes and Zakiyya Myres came up with a solution. Innclusive was created as a space for people of all backgrounds to travel and stay with love, respect, dignity and peace of mind.

9. Las Morenas de España (LMDES)

Our list of black-owned travel companies isn’t complete without Las Morenas de España (LMDES). Sierra Brown started this digital space to help women find resources about life in Spain. This network has since served its purpose and extended to travelers worldwide.

Today LMDES organizes social events in Spain like Sake & Vibe, Rooftop Social, and Madrid Afternoon Soiree, where people from around the globe come to learn and network to build a community. 

All these black-owned travel companies have been at the forefront of championing the black travel movement. You can be part of them by booking a trip with either of these agencies. Besides, life is too short not to explore the world!

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