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20 Marketing Tools for Black Entrepreneurs

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The internet has made it easier than ever to start a business, but that doesn’t mean marketing is easy. In fact, one of the most difficult parts of starting a brand-new company is marketing and advertising your product or service. Thirty years ago, if you wanted to get your message out there—whether it was a physical product or just a business idea—you had to rely on word-of-mouth advertising. There were few to no marketing tools to use. 

Nowadays, though, we have all these new tools at our disposal: email marketing platforms like MailChimp for email marketing strategy; social media marketing tools like Hootsuite; and even design tools like Canva (which lets you make beautiful graphics for Instagram). 

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The only problem? There are so many marketing tools out there that it can be overwhelming trying to find the best tool for your needs. That’s why I’ve decided to put together this list of 20 products I think every black entrepreneur should know about to grow their businesses!

But before that let’s learn what a marketing tool is.

What is a marketing tool?

A marketing tool is a piece of software that helps you market your business. It can be used by anyone from the smallest business to the largest company, and it’s a must for any black business that wants to succeed in today’s competitive marketplaces.

Here is an example:

An email marketing tool like Mailchimp will let you send out newsletters with links back to your site so people stay informed about new products/offers while also providing valuable insight into what kinds of things they enjoy reading most often – helping you tailor future messages accordingly! Awesome, right?

Now let’s look at some of the best marketing tools to use for your black brand.

  1. BuzzSumo
Marketing Tools
Source: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is one of the popular digital marketing tools to grow your content. It is a content discovery tool that helps you find the most shared post in any niche. You can also use it to find that of your competitors.

It is easy to generate ideas of what kind of content works best in that niche. One thing that fascinates me about this tool is that you can use it to find influencers in your niche and reach out to them to share your content. BuzzSumo is one of the tools we use at Spotcovery to generate topics.

  1. HubSpot CRM
Marketing Tools
Source: HubSpot

HubSpot CRM is one of the best marketing automation tools available. It is a tool that helps you manage your leads, contacts, and customers. It’s free for up to 1000 contacts, which means that if you’re just starting out or working on a shoestring budget (like most black entrepreneurs), this could be the right choice for you.

HubSpot integrates with other digital marketing tools like MailChimp and Airtable, allowing everything to work together in one place!

  1. Hootsuite
Marketing Tools
Source: Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows you to schedule posts, monitor analytics, and track your brand mentions. It also includes an app for managing Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms from one place.

  1. Buffer
Marketing Tools
Source: Buffer

Buffer is a social media scheduling tool that helps you schedule posts in advance. It’s great for those of us who want to be sure our content gets out there at the optimal time but don’t have time to do it manually every day. Clearly, this is a time-saving marketing tool for black owned businesses.

Buffer supports major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among others, so it’s perfect for black business owners with multiple social media accounts. Buffer also has reporting features that help you measure your metrics.

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  1. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is another free marketing tool we use at Spotcovery. It helps you find the right keywords for your website or blog. It helps you find long-tail keywords, which are more likely to convert into customers or readers. And it also helps you figure out which keywords are most popular in your industry. Fantastic, right? And it’s even free.

It’s easy to use: just type in a search term (like “black entrepreneur”), select English as your language, select your country or region, and then click Get Results! The results will show a list of related terms along with estimated monthly search volume data for each one as well as how difficult or easy your search term is. 

  1. SEMrush
Marketing Tools
Source: SEMrush

SEMrush is a tool that helps you find the most profitable keywords for your website. It also helps you find websites that are linking to your competitors, as well as their backlinks. With this information, you can know what people are searching for when they come across a competitor’s site—and then use those same keywords on yours! It has both free and paid plans.

  1. Keyword Everywhere

Keyword Everywhere is a popular keyword research tool that helps you find the best keywords for your website. It works with Google Keyword Planner, so if you’re already using that tool, then this one will be easy to use. Keyword Everywhere is also a Chrome extension, and it’s free!

  1. Canva
Marketing Tools
Source: Canva

Don’t worry if you are not a designer. Canva is a free online tool that allows you to create designs for your business, social media, or blog. It has over 1 million users worldwide and has created over 200 million designs. 

Canva is perfect if you’re looking for something simple like a logo or banner ad, but it also has more advanced features such as shapes, fonts, and filters that allow you to create more complex designs like infographics or social media covers. This amazing marketing tool is free to use.

  1. Loom
Marketing Tools
Source: Loom

Loom is a tool that allows you to create interactive videos. It’s used for marketing and sales purposes, but also for creating video tutorials and explainer videos.

If you are into teaching or coaching people online, Loom is the right tool for you. You can record yourself and your screen at the same time while presenting. The free version is enough to get you started, but only for 5 minutes per video. 

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  1. Unbounce
Marketing Tools
Source: Unbounce

Do you want your website visitors to take the desired action when they visit your site? Unbounce is your answer. With Unbouce, you can create awesome landing pages that convert. 

Unbounce helps you generate and grow leads and sales easily.

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  1. SoicalPilot
Marketing Tools
Source: SocialPilot

SocialPilot is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to schedule content for all your social media accounts in one place. It’s free for up to three social media accounts, but if you want to add more than that, it will cost you a few dollars.

  1. MailChimp
Marketing Tools
Source: MailChimp

MailChimp is a great tool for sending newsletters. It has a free plan, and it gets the job done, no matter how many people you want to reach.

MailChimp offers paid plans with more features, but even the free version will do the trick for most people. The interface is easy to use, so you won’t have any trouble getting started with MailChimp! If you are developing your email marketing strategy, MailChimp will be of greater help.

  1. Trello
Marketing Tools
Source: Trello

Trello is a free online project management tool that helps you organize and prioritize your work.

Trello allows you to create boards, add tasks, assign them to other people, and move them around as they progress through the stages of completion. It’s like having a whiteboard on your computer, but more useful because it can be accessed by anyone in your organization who has access to Trello.

  1. Slack
Marketing Tools
Source: Slack

Slack is a messaging app you can use to communicate with your team members, share files, and more. 

It is one of the tools we use at Spotcovery to quickly share information. You can tag other team members for easy communication and quick responses. 

You can properly organize your team by creating groups for each department.

On top of that, Slack is free to use!

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  1. Survey Monkey
Marketing Tools
Source: Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a tool for creating and distributing surveys. These surveys can be sent via email or embedded on a website.

It has a number of features to help you analyze the results, including:

  • Ability to see who has responded to your survey (and when)
  • A dashboard that shows all responses as they come in
  1. Google Analytics

If you have a blog or a website and you want to track your performance, you should connect it to Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free digital marketing tool that helps you track your website traffic and improve your site. You can identify trends, understand website performance, and measure marketing campaigns with it.

  1. Google Search Console

Another product from Google that you should connect to your website or blog is Google Search Console. Google Search Console is a free tool that helps you monitor your website’s performance in Google search results. It provides data on clicks, impressions, CTR, and rankings for both desktop and mobile devices. In addition to providing insight into your site’s search performance, it also allows you to check for indexing issues, crawl errors, and security problems.

  1. Asana
Marketing Tools
Source: Asana

Asana is one of the best marketing tools I would recommend to you and your team. It is a productivity tool that allows you to create tasks, assign them to team members, and keep track of progress. It’s also great for workflow automation: You can set up triggers so that when someone creates or updates a task, it automatically sends out an email alert or publishes information on your website.

It has both a free and paid version, but in my opinion, the free version is good for you to get started. You can later upgrade to enjoy more amazing features.

  1. VidIQ
Marketing Tools
Source: VidIQ

VidIQ is a video marketing tool that helps you find profitable keywords and understand the content of your competitors. It also generates tags for your YouTube videos, which can increase the number of people who find them. 

You can use VidIQ to check whether or not any given keyword is used frequently in the titles of similar videos on YouTube, as well as whether or not there’s a significant amount of competition for this keyword among other creators in your niche.

Think of VidIQ as the opposite of other keyword search tools for blog sites.

  1. Hunter
Marketing Tools
Source: Hunter

One thing about starting and growing a business is reaching out to your prospects, mostly via email. However, how easy is it for you to locate these emails? That is where you will need Hunter to hunt emails for your outreach programs.

Hunter is a tool for finding the email addresses of prospects. It’s a paid tool, but you can get started with the free version by entering your domain name and choosing to search by domain or subdomain.

With so many marketing tools available, it can be hard to know which ones are right for you. But the key is to pick a few that will help you grow your business and stick with them. Once you find them, they’ll become like old friends!

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Abdul Rashid Sani
Abdul Rashid Sani
Abdul Rashid Sani is a former Growth and Content Manager of Spotcovery with a passion for writing and building relationships. With a strong background in SEO content writing, paid search and social, and content marketing, he possesses a diverse set of skills that make him an asset to any team. In his free time, Abdul is a huge soccer fan and enjoys writing in his spare time. He is dedicated to continually improving his skills and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in his field.


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