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Top 12 Black-Owned Business Hashtags

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Having a social media business account is standard practice. That said, being on social media doesn’t guarantee your content will be seen or get a considerable following. Posting isn’t enough. 

You’d like to incorporate a few other elements in your strategy to improve things. Heard of hashtags? They’ll help your posts rank among popular searches, increasing your brand’s visibility. What kind of hashtags should you use? Here are some of the best black-owned business hashtags to consider.  

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1. #BlackBusiness

Screenshot of black business

With over 6 million tags on Instagram, #blackbusiness is your go-to tag whenever you post. It throws you in among people who are interested in black businesses. On Facebook, it has over 600K posts, so well worth using.  

2. #Blackownedbusiness

If you’re looking for another black-owned business hashtag, this is a no-brainer to use. You want to let your followers know the profile of your business. This gets you the right eyeballs visiting your page to know you better and to buy products. It has over 19 million tags on Instagram and 8.6 million posts. 

3. #Supportblackbusiness

Tagged in over 4 million Instagram posts and 2 million Facebook posts, this is a great way to give people snippets of what running a black-owned business is like. You can capture moments with your clients’ shopping or an after-post of how they use your products. 

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4. #Blackexcellence

It’s one of the most popular black-owned business hashtags, with over 10 million Instagram tags. Let the world see your little successes and celebrate those with your followers. It has a couple of other tags that come with an emoji. Don’t hesitate to use the different variations. 

5. #Buyblack

No black-owned business hashtag delivers the message directly more than #buyblack. It is bold and lets them know that they are uplifting one of the most underrepresented demographics, something people love to do. The hashtag has been used by over 3 million Instagram users and 2 million posts on Facebook. 

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6. #Blackbusinessmatter

This black-owned business hashtag might not have millions of tags on Instagram and Facebook. However, such can still magnify your business presence as you compete in a small pool. Over 200 thousand tags are still a sizeable number to get your business known. 

7. #Blackbusinesswomen

If a black woman establishes your business, you’ve got to share that with the social media world. Black women in business are the fastest-rising demographic, so you want to tap into this space. The tag has over 900 thousand Instagram posts and is used over 280 thousand times on Facebook.  

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8. #melanin

Screenshot of the #melanin.

Melanin might sound like a makeup type of hashtag, but black people use the phrase to appreciate other black people. With over 23 million Instagram tags, you should not hesitate to use this when you appreciate your fellow business colleagues or customers.

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9. #Blackentreprenuers

Let your social media gang know that you are in business. Share with them what your business is all about. Collaborate with other black entrepreneurs and amplify your brands. This is what this hashtag is about. It’s a great one because it has over 1 million posts on Instagram and 500K on Facebook.

10. #Blackwealth

Screenshot of the #blackwealth.

Black people are hustling to make a living to create something that lasts beyond their generation. What better way to advertise that than using this black-owned business hashtag? It has over 1 million Instagram posts and has been used over 270 thousand times on Facebook. 

11. #Blackbrands

This is another black-owned business hashtag that hasn’t hit the 1 million mark but has a relatively huge usage. Add this to the other tags to generate more interest and occupy niche spaces that aren’t crowned. 

12. #Blackgirlmagic

Black women in business can use this tag that elevates their brand. With over 35 million Instagram tags, plug them into your posts for a wider audience. You can also use this to talk about black brands that you love.  

Always remember to use some, if not all, of these black-owned business hashtags when you are posting to boost your brand visibility. Help your audience know who you are; they will come flocking to check out your products.  

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Agnes Amondi
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