Black Owned Activewear Brands For Men


Black Owned Activewear Brands For Men

The sports industry is full of incredibly talented Black sportsmen and women yet it continues to marginalize Black people. There are few Black-owned wellness businesses in the US and Black athletes are subjected to continuous racism and discrimination. Black fitness entrepreneurs are not letting this hold them back and are making their mark on the fitness industry through fashionable and practical activewear lines. This article will show you some of the latest and greatest Black-owned activewear brands for men that you should invest your money in. 

 ABA FitnessBlack Owned Activewear Brands For Men

Source: Instagram @abafitnessclothing 

Louisiana-based personal trainer Harley Wiltz founded this stylish and motivating brand. ABA stands for Anything But Average and represents the approach you should take to your fitness journey. The brand releases its apparel in limited-edition collections only. Make sure you follow the brand’s Instagram page to find out when its next collection comes out. To check out ABA Fitness, please click here. 

Vero Mastodon Black Owned Activewear Brands For Men

Source: Instagram @veromastodon 

Vero Mastodon is a Black-owned, military-inspired apparel company. The brand aims to create apparel that can be used in all types of fitness, ranging from bodybuilding to dancing. “Vero” means “truth,” and the brand aims to create a community from its followers that wear its ‘M’ emblem on their backs. The brand’s Instagram features muscular and sporty men and women that embrace the community that Vero Mastodon has created. The line features sweatpants, athletic shorts, tank tops, hoodies, zip-up jackets, hats, and much more. To check out Vero Mastodon, please click here. 

VizFit Apparel Black Owned Activewear Brands For Men

Source: Instagram @vizfit_apparel 

VizFit Apparel was founded by personal trainer Gerren Liles. The brand features apparel with fun slogans about being active and gym-obsessed. A fan favorite is their tank top with the 100 emoji printed on the front.  Take a look at VizFit Apparel’s Instagram page here. Check out VizFit Apparel here. 

Just Lift 

Black Owned Activewear Brands For Men

Source: Instagram @justliftofficial 

Just Lift was founded by Simeon Pand in 2012.  The brand has amassed an Instagram following of over 40,000 users. Its product line ranges from graphic tees and tank tops to colorful and sporty hoodies. Your workout wardrobe would take a step up if you added some pieces from Just Lift to it. Check out Just Lift here. 

 Barbell CommissionBlack Owned Activewear Brands For Men

Source: Instagram @barbellcommission 

Barbell Commission’s tagline is ‘Made by lifters. For lifters.’ The brand aims to create clothing that inspires bodybuilders to push themselves to their limits. The brand creates durable apparel that will not be damaged by the intense workouts of powerlifters. Their Black and Red Compression Leggings are a durable and stylish piece. Barbell Commission’s clothing line features shorts, pants, leggings, and tops. Check out Barbell Commission here and the brand’s Instagram here. 

 Moneyball Sportswear Black Owned Activewear Brands For Men

Source: Instagram @moneyballsportswear 

Moneyball Sportswear was founded by former NBA pro Desmond Ferguson in 2002. The brand helps create unique, customized uniforms for sports teams. The line includes men’s, women’s, boy’s, and girl’s sportswear. Check out Moneyball Sportswear’s Instagram features many of its happy customers wearing unique team uniforms. Check out the brand here. 

Investing in Black-owned businesses is an excellent way to support the Black community and help its members rise up and become successful. We also covered the best Black-owned activewear brands for women which you can check out here. 



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