Black Entertainment: Best Platform Sources for Laughter, Family, Information, and Culture


Black Entertainment: Best Platform Sources for Laughter, Family, Information, and Culture

Are you looking for entertainment sources for fun and laughter? Or are you tired of searching for platforms for black entertainment?

We’re here for you!

This article will lead you through businesses African Americans support. Let’s get started! 

Source: Canva

1. Blavity: 

The number one source for black entertainment that aims explicitly at black millennials covers all news regarding culture and the latest technology. It is gaining popularity at a more incredible speed. In just about a month, around 7 million African American millennials landed on the site to get news in a modern and clean format.  

This American Internet media organization and site was made by and for Black African American millennials. It is their central goal to “monetarily and innovatively support African American millennials across the African community. So they can seek after the work they love and change the world simultaneously. 

2. The Grio: 

It was initially dispatched as a division under NBC News in 2009, yet was owned by a Black media organization in 2016. To get access to the latest news for African Americans, The Grio is the best digital platform.  

It provides news and breaking news regarding politics, health, and entertainment. The focus of the report is mainly on African Americans. 

3. The Undefeated: 

The Undefeated is the ESPN site focused on the insightful investigation on the convergence of race and sports. While the emphasis is on sports and amusement, the content is always focused and clear.

Source: The undefeated  

4. Essence: 

Essence was first launched in 1970. Black women have struggled to gain a spotlight in the media; for about 50 years, essence communications has been a platform for an audience of more than 20 million people.  

It is one of the leading digital media platforms. If you’re seeking to find the platform committed to Black women, you need not search anymore. 

5. Oprahmag: 

It is a monthly magazine that was launched by Oprah Winfrey and her best friend, Gayle King. The main aim of this magazine was to support black women through media. It delivers the latest information on all platforms, such as beauty, health, and wellness. 

6. Atlanta Black Star: 

Atlanta Black Star is a digital media platform that provides a platform for African American millennials.  

It publishes narratives for people who are related to the black culture. They mainly focus on News, Politics, Entertainment, Culture, and more but keeping in view the Black culture. 

Source: Canva 

7. The Shade Room: 

This digital website was initially formed to get the latest news regarding trending celebrities and their ongoing news. But, the founder believed that this website was like chicken soup for the black women’s soul. Hence this media platform is providing information regarding beauty, wellness, and other subjects as well. 

8. Her Agenda: 

Her Agenda is an American platform that gives the latest news and entertainment. The focus audience is mainly African Americans. Her Agenda gives imagination through the stories of real women flourishing in their industry while also putting a spotlight on the information and resources needed to succeed.  




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