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Top 7 Black-Owned Activewear Brands for Women

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Top 7 Black-Owned Activewear Brands for Women

The fitness industry is known to leave out and marginalize Black people. Many Black entrepreneurs are turning this marginalization on its head and taking the fitness industry by storm with stylish, functional and creative activewear brands. We think that you will love supporting these brands and hearing about their incredible missions.

1.Ivy Park

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Ivy Park

Ivy Park is global superstar singer Beyoncé’s clothing line. It is a cool and stylish collection of athleisure and exercise wear that you can sport while working out or as casual wear. Beyoncé launched the brand in 2016 and has made it into the huge success that it is today. The collection is full of bold, vibrant colors and trendy, unique styles inspired by Beyoncé’s personal fashion sense.

Check out Ivy Park’s newest collaboration with Addidas, Flex Park here


Source: Lukafit


Lukafit is an empowering activewear brand that celebrates the curvy bodies of Black women. The brand’s name, Lukafit, is partially derived from the Zulu word juluka, which means to sweat. Lukafit believes that sweating makes us feel good and gives us a healthy glow. They are known for their squat-proof leggings that come in a wide range of vibrant colors and patterns. They want to empower Black women and make them feel beautiful and embrace their curves during a workout.

Check out Lukafit here


Source: CultureFit


CultureFit leggings use West African prints to express the beauty and positivity of West African culture. The leggings are designed to be bold and stand out while complementing the curves and letting you be comfortable during a workout. They are designed to be durable and dry during a workout, while celebrating not only West African culture but all cultures. The material is designed to be water-wicking and won’t tear or pull, making CultureFit clothing a fashionable and long-term investment. CultureFit is loved by African Americans because they allow wearers to embrace their heritage while looking stylish and getting fit.

Check out CultureFit here

4.Full Court

Source: Full Court

Full Court began as a line centered around making colorful and unique tennis wear. They now create a range of exciting and interesting activewear pieces with moisture-wicking, breathability, and odor-resistant technology. They even have an exclusive collection with Net-A-Porter. They are a must-try for those wanting to support a luxury active-wear, Black-owned business.

Check out Full Court here

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5.Beach Hours

Source: Beach Hours


Beach Hours is a fun and fabulous female-owned activewear brand. Their goals are to empower and inspire women with their stylish and unique activewear designs. One of their unique pieces is their Helen Yoga Bodysuit, which is a breathable jumpsuit designed to be used in both yoga and fitness sessions.

Check out Beach Hours here

6.Aktive Fitness

Source: Aktive Fitness


Aktive Fitness is a one-stop-shop for all of your fitness needs. They offer fun and trendy activewear pieces in both bright and neutral tones. So you can either stand out or blend in during your workout. They also offer meal plans and training guides that cater to anyone looking to get in shape. Aktive Fitness offers many fitness plans at different levels of difficulty and even cater to home workouts. They even have a range of pink, purple and neutral-colored workout gear, including weights and jump ropes. We can guarantee that you’ll find whatever fitness gear you’re looking for at Aktive Fitness.

Check out Aktive Fitness here

7.Lapp the Brand

Source: Lapp the Brand

Lapp the Brand is a fashion-forward activewear brand with many stylish yet functional activewear pieces. They embrace the cool, streetwear style that is popular in the African American community. Their clothing has been labeled as “sportswear with a purpose” because their pieces were created with the 21st-century woman’s style in mind. Rihanna has even been spotted wearing their clothes – so you know they’re good.

Check out Lapp the Brand here

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