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10 Best Travel Destinations in West Africa for Black Travelers


Traveling is one of the best things you can do. It exposes you to different cultures and experiences you can’t get elsewhere. As a black traveler, you might be curious about destinations in Africa. Well, in this post, we explore 10 destinations in West Africa you should visit. 

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1. Benin

One of the reasons why a black traveler should go to Benin is to interact with one of the darkest parts of mankind’s history, slavery. More than 2 million slaves were gathered in the Kingdom of Dahomey. If this is a topic you’re interested in, you’ll make a trip here. Aside from that, you’ll enjoy Benin’s different culture, fantastic nature, and food.

2.  Burkina Faso

If you’re not only a traveling enthusiast but also a film buff, you’ll consider going to Burkina Faso, where one of the biggest film festivals in Africa, the Panafrican Film and Television Festival or FESPACO, happens. Away from that, you’ll be immersed in its traditional side by displaying drumming, music, dance, and mud constructions.

3. Guinea Bissau

When we talk about tourism in Africa, we rarely mention Guinea-Bissau. Yet, it has amazing things to see. The country is home to the 88 islands known as the Bijagos Archipelago. Some islands it carries include the Aravela, Carache, Formosa, Uno, and Orango. If you want to enjoy some of the best beaches and Instagram-worthy scenery, don’t look over Guinea Bissau. 

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4. Ghana

Black travelers should always have Ghana is their list of West African destinations. It’ll give you an unmatched experience with its show of culture and rich history. There are several museums you can visit, like The National Museum of Ghana, Manhyia Palace, and the Armed Forces Museum, among others.

If you’re looking for a luxurious place to stay, you can book any of Accra’s hotels, from the Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast to Accra Marriot Hotel. Other activities you can enjoy include hiking and relaxing at the beach. 

5. The Gambia

If there’s one thing that should make you curious about The Gambia to the point of visiting is that it’s the smallest nation in mainland Africa. It offers everything any black traveler has on their wishlist. Enjoy its beautiful beaches, lagoons, palm trees, wildlife, and culture. 

We hope that this article gives you an insight into some of the places you can go to in West Africa. Enjoy your travels. 

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6.  Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a beautiful country, and that’s why any black traveler should visit. It has 10 main islands and islets north of the Atlantic. This gives you a chance to try out some outstanding seafood.

7. Nigeria

Nigeria is known for many things, one of which is its culture. Nigerians pride themselves on making the best food, having the best music, and not settling for less. If you want to experience some extravaganza, make sure you visit during the Calabar Carnival, which is described as Africa’s Biggest Street Party. This will be one of the most memorable trips for any black traveler.

8. Ivory Coast

You’ve probably heard of Ivory Coast due to its sporting success, but if you’re considering going there, we’ll help pack your bags. One of the things black travelers will enjoy here is the food. 

They love their traditional dishes, so get into the action with some kedjenoue or street food. Other places you should visit are the Grand Bassam and the biggest basilica in the world. 

9. Senegal

Don’t pass the chance to travel to Senegal. It’s famous for its art scene and hosts one of the biggest art events on the continent, the Dak’art. Be amongst the black travelers who experience the joy of expression in these shows. While at it, grab a piece or two for your collection or traveling memories.

10. Togo

Any black traveler who enjoys sightseeing should visit Togo. This West African nation is known for its white sandy beaches. Additionally, you’ll be met with scenic spots from its hilltop villages. Don’t go back home yet from that very calming and soothing experience. Go to Togo’s marketplace and feel the rush and adrenaline of the city. Experience the lifestyle of the people there. 

If you plan to travel to Africa, these are the best destinations. That said, you’ll need some quality traveling gear when you are on the go, from bags, bottles, travel adapters, and more. Get all of these on Amazon.

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