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Top 5 Black Jazz Clubs in Memphis in 2023


Jazz music started in the African-American communities in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. And Memphis is one of those communities known for Jazz music in the United States. In this article, we’ll review the top five black jazz clubs in Memphis. 

1. B.B. King’s Blues Club

When you think of Jazz clubs in Memphis, one of the first places that comes to mind is B.B. King’s Blues Club. That club was launched in Memphis in 1991. It was named after B.B. King’s, the legendary blues musician. If this is your first time hearing about him, you can get some books on Amazon to learn about him. 

B.B. King’s Blues Club is more than just a place to enjoy Jazz music. It’s also a restaurant and bar. You can enjoy live music, Southern-style cuisine, and a lively atmosphere.

If you want to enjoy live blues, soul, rock, and jazz music, then B.B. King’s Blues Club is a perfect choice. Besides being a club, it’s also a restaurant and bar. You can enjoy Southern-style cuisine there.

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2. The Cove

From my experience, jazz music is better enjoyed in a fun and laid-back atmosphere. That’s exactly what The Cove Club brings to the table. When you visit The Cove, we recommend that you try their cocktails. The good thing is that they have them in different varieties, from classic tiki cocktails to innovative concoctions. 

While chilling and taking your delicious cocktails, you’ll enjoy live music events. Another interesting thing about The Cove is that their live music lineup is plenty. They feature rocks, jazz, blues, and many more.

3. C C Blues Club

Located at 1427 Thomas St., Memphis, TN 38107, CC Blues Club is among the top places to enjoy Jazz music in Memphis. You’ll always have a great time in CC Blues Club, as you’re not judged there. You can dress anyhow that pleases you. 

CC Blues Club houses great DJs that take you all on a ride all night and make you never think of returning home. One of the things that we like about the club is that they have good police officers patrolling both parking lots. This means you don’t have to worry about safety.

4. Center for Southern Folklore

Established in 1872, the Center for Southern Folklore is a cultural organization dedicated to preserving the American South’s folk traditions, arts, and music. It’s a platform to showcase the region’s diverse and rich cultural heritage through various programs, events, and exhibits.
One of the highlights of the Center for Southern Folklore is its live music events. The center hosts concerts and performances featuring Southern musicians, including Jazz, blues, gospel, country, bluegrass, and other traditional genres. By attending the Center for Southern Folklore music events, you’re sure to catch and enjoy jazz music.

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5. Lafayette’s Music Room

Launched in 1972, Lafayette’s Music Room is a popular music venue and restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee. It is situated in the vibrant Overton Square district, known for its lively entertainment scene.

Lafayette is well-known for hosting live music performances featuring various genres, including jazz, blues, rock, and soul. The venue attracts local musicians and touring acts, making it a favorite spot for music enthusiasts.

The event place provides an intimate and cozy setting for music lovers to enjoy performances up close. The ambiance and acoustics create a memorable experience for performers and the audience.

Memphis continues to thrive as a haven for jazz enthusiasts, boasting a vibrant scene of black jazz clubs that capture the city’s rich musical heritage. These top five venues showcase exceptional talents, creating an unforgettable experience for all who seek the magic of jazz in the heart of the South. 

Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in these black jazz clubs’ soulful rhythms and captivating melodies!

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