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Top 10 Unique Things to Do in Kenya

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Kenya is a country brimming with extraordinary experiences and captivating wonders that will inspire you. The country has a lot of exciting activities that will awaken your sense of adventure and create unforgettable memories. 

In this blog post, we will reveal the top 10 unique things to do in Kenya, highlighting its vibrant heritage, natural wonders, and thrilling escapades that are sure to make your journey unforgettable.

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1. Climb Mount Kenya

Although less popular than the nearby giant Mount Kilimanjaro, Mt Kenya is Africa’s tallest peak, and it’s usually considered one of the best places for more challenging climbing. 

The beautiful landscape features stunning views of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Kenya. 

It takes approximately four days to reach the summit of Mount Kenya via the Sirimon route, which is considered the easiest route. The route is advantageous because it offers breathtaking scenery during the ascent, as it is situated on the mountain’s dry side.

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2. Relax on the Idyllic Diani Beach

landscape with a turquoise bay. Image Source: Pexels licensed CC BY 2.0

If you’re feeling worn out from the demands of work and family and in need of a relaxing beach getaway in Kenya, consider visiting Diani Beach. It’s a small beach town just an hour away from Mombasa. It stretches 11 miles (17 kilometers) along the South Kenya coast. 

Diana offers an exceptional beach experience that is unmatched in East Africa, with crystal-clear waters protected by a coral reef and soft white sand. In addition, Diana Beach provides plenty of outdoor sports, including skydiving and snorkeling.

3. Rock Climb at Fischer’s Tower

If you’re looking for something more challenging while at Hell Gate, you should try rock climbing. This national park is known for its rock formations and unique landscapes.

Fischer’s Tower is a trendy climbing spot in the park. It’s two decades old. H. C. Pereira and J. Moore were the first to climb Fischer’s Tower in 1949. It’s popular for climbers because it’s a volcanic rock with a distinctive shape.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rock climber, Fischer is suitable for you. If you forget your climbing equipment, it’s possible to rent in Naivasha or just enquire at the park.

The crescent moon climbing route of Fischer’s Tower is impressive. We recommend you try it.

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4. Visit the Sheldrick Elephant Trust

Founded in 1977, Sheldrick Elephant Trust is an animal orphanage for young elephants and rhinos. In Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, young orphan elephants get rescued and rehabilitated till they’re old enough to care for themselves. 

Sheldrick Elephant Trust has saved hundreds of baby elephants and a bind rhino, Maxwell, from death. And this is since conservation pioneers David and Dame Daphne Sheldrick founded it. You’ll see and feel these majestic animals up close by visiting the Sheldrick Elephant Trust. Even better, you may even get the opportunity to feed them. 

5. Go on a Safari

A visit to Kenya is incomplete without going on a Safari. Kenya is the only country in the world with a national park in the middle of its capital city, Nairobi.

When in Kenya, you should visit the Masai Mara to watch the migration of wildebeests and their greatest migration. The best time to watch wildlife is during the dry season between July and August. 

If you’re interested in going on a safari, there are numerous reserves and national parks throughout the country to choose from. We suggest checking out well-known parks such as Amboseli, Maasai Mara, and Tsavo East, which offer a chance to see the “big five” animals: 

  • Lions
  • Leopards
  • Elephants
  • Buffalos
  • Rhinos

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6. Enjoy Nairobi Nightlife

Nairobi, Kenya, is a lively city known for its bustling nightlife. The Kenyan people are renowned for their love of festivities, so an enjoyable night out is guaranteed! 

On your night out, you can visit African Tribal Exhibitions, shop at local markets, sample delicious street food, dine at international or local restaurants, or visit Kenya’s modern shopping mall.

Sample the cuisine. Have your drink on rooftop bars. Sing and dance to Nairobi’s live bands, DJ performances, and traditional music. To have a memorable nightlife experience, watch out and attend themed parties or cultural celebrations.

While at it, remember to take pictures to save the amazing memories.

7. Bike Around Hell’s Gate National Park

Hell’s Gate National Park is one of the few places in Kenya, if not the world, where you can observe animals as you bike around the park. And surrounded by zebras, giraffes, and buffalo. The good thing is that you won’t find any predators at Hell’s Gate National Park. 

But you should remember that animals like buffalo can become aggressive if they feel threatened. To guarantee your safety, it’s recommended to have a tour guide accompany you on a jeep while biking through the park. Biking is a great way to stay active and explore Kenya’s wildlife.

8. Sample Street Food and Local Meals

Sampling local meals and street foods is among the amazing things to do in Kenya. Doing this allows you to meet local vendors. Even better, you see how different snacks and local dishes are prepared and served in restaurants and on the street. 

To make the most of this experience, use a local guide. They are well-versed in menus, ingredients, and the best places to eat the best African meals. While enjoying your meal, engage the locals. They are warm and welcoming, and you’ll learn more from them.

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9. Embark on a Nature Walk in Nairobi

Other than Safari, Kenya has several recreational places to visit and have fun. One such center is the serene Oloolua Nature Trail. You can visit for a nature walk, a jog, or a camping experience. It also features a picturesque waterfall, a picnic area, and a cave. 

For nature enthusiasts, there are other excellent nearby destinations worth exploring, including Paradise Lost, Ngong Hills, Arboretum Drive, and Karura Forest, all within reach of Nairobi. In these nature walk sites, you will enjoy scenic waterfalls, ride on biking trails, see birds, and indigenous trees.

10. Go Bird Watching at Lake Baringo

Established in 2002, Lake Baringo is a globally recognized Ramsar wetland site. It’s a beautiful and peaceful Oasis in the dry-thorn country. 

The lake’s appearance varies depending on the lake levels, with the waters appearing rusty red or streaky yellow due to the topsoil of the region or a range of colors. It changes from coral to purple to a brilliant aquamarine based on the sun’s position and the sky’s condition. 

One of the lake’s major attractions is its 470 species of birds. Even if you aren’t familiar with all the types, the eagerness of others is likely to be infectious.

Kenya has it all, whether you seek thrilling escapades or a deeper connection with nature. You can go on a holiday with your family, yourself, or friends to any unique places we’ve explored in this post. 

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