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The Hidden Secrets of Africa – Islands to Go to in 2021


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Whenever we hear the word Africa, we think of safaris, mountains and nature. But, what most people are unaware of is that Africa is home to some of the most and exotic beaches in the world. The one reservation people have before they book their trip to African islands is the convenience factor. The world still perceives Africa as having poor economic conditions, lack of necessities and what not.

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This is not true. With the big brands opening up in even some of the remote islands, convenience and standard of life are improving. The reality is that if tourism continues to develop and increase at the pace it is doing today, Africa will soon become to second hottest travel destination in terms of numbers in the coming years.


Without wasting time, we will be discussing the top 3 islands that one needs to include in their travel bucket list. These are beautiful, peaceful and serene.

Top 3 Islands to Visit in Africa

1.Cape Verde Islands

Cape Verde is located almost 500 KM’s off the West Coast of Africa and is made up of 10 volcanic islands. It is closer to Europe and has a cultural influence. This makes it a trendy island. Out of all the 10, the most visited and popular island is Sal. The archipelago exhibits a rich cultural experience for people visiting there along with beauty and tranquillity.Santa Maria is n eye-soother. The colorful houses, music, bars, live events and restaurants give it a lively vibe. This makes it a perfect place to visit for newlywed couples for their honeymoon.


If you are looking to enjoy nature without the hustle-bustle of bigger islands, Comoros is the place to go. It is a little off-beat on the east African coast. The beaches here are pristine, the reefs present an amazing opportunity for snorkelers and the rainforests present a glimpse of the Arabian and Swahili culture. If wilderness is on your bucket list, visit Mohéli. Fewer people go there and it has the only national park in the area. The people there are charming, friendly and lovely and make your stay worthwhile.

The islands are famous for the name “perfumed islands” This is because the plantation there smells heavenly and has a lovely fragrance.

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3.São Tomé and Príncipe

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Another overlooked yet beautiful island that needs to be visited is São Tomé. This is also called “Africa’s best-kept secret” because of the lack of people that visit it. Also, it is the 2nd smallest island you can come across and this is the reason why people seldom visit. Boosting both exotic wildlife and rainforests, it had the best scenery.

African tourism is increasing because of the development and interest of the world in Africa. A lot of brands are investing large amounts in the country like Accor hotels and Nestle is on the rise.

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