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Christmas Shopping on a Budget: How African Americans Can Avoid Overspending


Christmas shopping doesn’t have to leave a hole in your pocket. However, you have to handle the delicate balance between celebrating and spending. It’s very easy to buy everything that the advertises throw at you but you can take control of your bank account. If you want to do Christmas shopping on a budget, check out this article. 

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Avoid Using Credit Cards 

Another hack to do Christmas shopping on a budget is avoiding your credit card. The risk of overspending is greater when you rely on credit than if you use money you have. You don’t want to overextend yourself, so do your shopping with cash.

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Come Up With a Budget

This might seem obvious, but people tend to overlook its importance. Think about what you want to buy, and don’t get things that aren’t on your list. Also, check out the shops you can go to. Furthermore, go through your previous year’s budget to track how you’ve been spending money. This can help you to mark out things you don’t need and seal some financial loopholes. 

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Change How You Celebrate

For the most part, spending is one of the most popular ways of celebrating Christmas. However, if your budget doesn’t allow you to do anything extravagant, you can offer people your time instead. Organize activities, and with the mix of homemade food, you’ll still enjoy the season as much as the next person.

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Get Cheap Gifts

spotcovery-christmas-gifts-wrapped-in boxes-christmas-shopping-on-a-budget-and-how-african-americans-can-avoid-overspending
Christmas gifts wrapped in boxes. Source: Photo by George Dolgikh, Pexels

If gift-giving is a tradition you can’t escape, you don’t have to spend all of your savings on it. You can get cheap gifts in online stores and physical shops. Take time and look for discounts on what you intend to buy. You can also DIY some gifts. 

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Start your shopping Early

Another trick in the books is to begin your Christmas shopping early before prices go up. Find stores that offer discounts and other offers for great bargains. Plus, you’ll avoid the rush that comes with last-minute shopping and missing out on items.

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Save Money for Christmas Shopping

One of the things you can do Christmas shopping on a budget is saving money meant for your shopping. It will alleviate any strain on your overall budget. You can start saving as early as the beginning of the year such that by the time the holidays come around, you’re ready to shop. You can also save credit card cashback and use it to make some of your purchases.

Track Your Spending

One thing you must do when you’re doing Christmas shopping on a budget is to know how much you’re spending. This will ensure you don’t overrun your budget, and if you need to adjust a few things, you’ll do it ahead of time. This isn’t the funniest part of your holiday shopping, but it’s necessary to keep things in check.

If you find it hard to do your Christmas shopping on a budget, we hope that the tips offered above can help you. The spirit of the holiday season can make you overspend without meaning to. Don’t get carried away. Be intentional about your finances and you’ll not have anything to worry about in January. 

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