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7 Best Football Kits at AFCON You Should Buy


Football jerseys aren’t just another piece of clothing for athletes to wear. They’ve become fashion pieces that fans are proud to buy. This is why manufacturers put a lot of effort into designing them, incorporating elements of a country’s culture and the colors of the national flag. Some of the best football kits are on display at the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON). Which one should you buy? Check out our picks.

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There are hardly any changes to the Egyptian team jersey. It’s red with seven black stripes across the chest and seven stars above the badge. This symbolizes the number of times they’ve won the tournament. Again, it’s not dramatic, easy on the eye and that’s what makes it one of the best football kits at AFCON.

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If you’re looking for a simple design, Gambia’s kit is what you should go for. Its home kit is mainly red and its away kit is white but has a few details that make it look sharp and clean. It’s best not to overwhelm a kit with lots of details and that’s what the manufacturer, Saller achieved. 

The federation badge is on the left, a few lines and the scorpion, the team’s nickname, is on the top right. 

Ivory Coast

The Ivorians are using an orange jersey with green and white accents. There’s not much to say about it, as they’ve kept it plain and simple. Even so, you can’t fail to know it’s them in action. 

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The Malian kit is one of the best football kits at AFCON 2023. It beams with creativity as the colors and imagery are beautifully blended. 

The home kit is predominantly white and the green and yellow of the country’s flag is incorporated in the stripes on the top half of the jersey. 

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The away kit is largely green with the stripes and eagle adding a yellow color. The third kit is black and carries the same features. French wear Airness is the manufacturer.

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Nigeria is known for having one of the best football kits in the game. Its World Cup 2018 jersey was a work of art and this year, a local designer reportedly designed the jersey. The home kit is green and incorporates cultural elements. The away kit is mostly white and has some patterns on the sleeve with a patch of green at the top of the shirt.

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Senegal’s kit is clean and simple. Its home jersey is green with stripes of red and yellow on the neckline. The away kit is white with the same colors embedded on the sleeves, neckline and across the chest. 

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Tunisia’s kit doesn’t seem to have much going on. From afar, you can assume it’s just plain red but a closer look reveals details of El Jem, a popular Amphitheatre in the country. The same graphics are on its white jersey. All of their kits are collared and have an eagle badge on the opposite side of their federation badge. The simplicity makes it one of the best football kits at the tournament.

It takes creativity to design a nice kit that’ll captivate ardent and casual fans. The teams named above have done so which is why they feature in our list of the best football kits at the AFCON. Which is your favorite? 

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