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6 Best Black Travel Groups


Traveling is fun, but traveling in a group is more adventurous. A group can comprise as few as five people and a maximum of as many as possible. 17% of the African American population embarks on an international trip once per year. Similarly, the same population enjoys local traveling more than six times per year. This shows group travels are the way to go. 

By traveling together, you enjoy benefits such as:

  • Creating new friends and connections
  • You enjoy the safety that comes with numbers
  • You enjoy destinations that weren’t on your bucket list
  • It’s less expensive, and everything is plotted out; you only show-up
  • You have a support system of like-minded travelers

But, before you join a group, research their specifications and whichever rhymes with your needs, camp there.  Here’s a list of the best black travel groups.

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Black Kids Do Travel Group

Sometimes, including the young ones in your traveling escapades can be a nightmare. But not anymore. Black Kids Do Travel Group comes to solve that challenge.

Through sharing their travel stories, Karen, Aiden, and Sylvester Akpan decided to create this group to encourage and inspire other black families. The group brings out the beauty in diversity and bridges the gap through Adventures. They inform their community through stories of different families. The stories Showcase various destinations, how they traveled, and the amount spent on their trips.

They’re famous for organizing group trips for families once every year. The group has become a great source of inspiration and encouragement for black families to travel with their children.

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Nomadness Travel Tribe

This is a community of travel influencers and innovators. It’s an award-winning brand founded by Evita Robinson. The group proves that adventuring has no gender, race, religion, or economic state. 

One of their renowned events is NOMADNESS Fest. It’s a weekend-long event where Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) put their communities and stories at the forefront to be seen and heard. The fest is a game-changer and a mouthpiece to the generation. 

Using innovations, intellect, and opinions, Nomadness Group shows the world how travel, art, and vibes unite. 

Although traveling is for self-pleasure, the community includes a cultural exchange in their adventures.

Black Women Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs

Each group is ideal for a particular group. Black Women Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs suit black women who are digital nomads or those aspiring to be. The group aims to teach black women tips on traveling for longer and better and ways to make money online. 

Wanda, who has been working and traveling as a digital nomad since 2010, founded the business. Her experiences help her create digital spaces that strengthen sisterhood. 

The travel group allows members to connect, uplift each other, and collaborate. Members can share tools and information on creating an online income path and personal wellness. The two factors help you travel as often as possible and with ease.

Their conversations emphasize women to take action than observe. Their interactions are on a Podcast channel, an annual conference, a youtube channel, and a monthly meetup.

Exodus Summit For Black Women Travelers Group

Are you a black woman looking for a sabbatical vacation abroad? Exodus Summit is an ideal group for you. Stephanie and her friend Roshida started the group as a workshop in September 2020, but the group grew to accommodate more numbers. 

Currently, it actively works with black women who are looking for an opportunity to move abroad. Similarly, it works with those seeking a sabbatical. 

The members receive encouragement from women who have already taken such routes and are now living their travel dreams. Others have also moved abroad.

To join them, ensure your Facebook profile is not incognito. Let it be an accurate picture of you and act right once a member.

Besides the travel workshops, Exodus Summit organizes live-streaming meetings and targets Q and A sessions. The purpose is to enlighten you and help you make an informed decision.

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Sisters Traveling Solo

As the name suggests, the group targets black women who like traveling alone. They meet as strangers and leave as sisters. Cole Banks, who frequently enjoyed traversing the world alone, founded The Sisters Traveling Solo group.

They are known to organize culture-themed trips in Africa. Through the trips, they’ve managed to contribute a revenue of more than $300,000 to businesses owned by black women in the Continent. 

The community in this group comprises sisters from different backgrounds around the world. They take pride in exposing their 500 members to more than 25 countries. Another goal of the group is to support local and international minority-owned businesses.

The group members inspire each other more on their Facebook space. They connect through their meetups across the USA. Similarly, they empower each other through the traveling tools and resources they give their members as they travel. Lastly, they support each other by traveling responsibly.

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Iluv2globetrot Group


Nicole Brewer in Oman. Image source: Instagram. Licensed under CC BY 2.0

Nicole Brewer and Renee Evans founded the Iluv2globetrot Group in 2012. The two met in South Korea while working as English as Second Language teachers in 2010. Together, they have traveled to more than 30 countries and aren’t stopping soon. 

They’re good at sharing informative travel advice for people to travel purposefully. Connect with them on Facebook and learn some travel hacks.

They empower their community by sharing travel experiences and reviewing hotels and restaurants in these destinations. 

Whether you’re looking for holidays with your family, a networking opportunity with other entrepreneurs, or just a vacation with others as a single person, choose one of the above best black travel groups and unleash your travel dream on a budget.

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