These Are the 11 Best Travel Apps for Black Travelers


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Technology advancements are sometimes a little underappreciated. We somehow streamline the benefits of technology to communication, health, education, and other seemingly more “important” areas, when we can actually do all of these and more, even with a simple mobile phone. 

As a Black traveler, did you know you can plan an entire trip and organize classic events just by pressing a few buttons on your Android or iPhone? With several travel apps available, you can make reservations, source information, navigate a whole city, convert currencies, understand foreign languages, and more! 

Read on to find out some of the best travel apps for Black travelers you can use to maximize your next trip.

Check Out These 11 Best Travel Apps for Black Travelers

For Researching and Booking Trips

  1. HotelTonight
best travel apps
Source: HotelTonight App

HotelTonight is a travel agency and metasearch engine owned by Airbnb. It is readily accessible via the website and mobile app. You can use HotelTonight to make reservations and even last-minute bookings for your trips anywhere in Europe, Japan, Australia, and the Americas.

  1. Couchsurfing
best travel apps
Source: CouchSurfing App

If you love meeting new people, you don’t have to look beyond Couchsurfing. It not only allows you to connect with locals and interact with other travelers, but it also has a feature that allows you to stay with them for free if you so desire. There is nothing more cost-effective. 

For Organizing your Trip

  1. Capway
best travel apps
Source: Capway App

When organizing a trip, what is first on your mind? I bet it’s the finances. 

You can begin planning your trip with Capway to avoid any financial setbacks along the way. Capway helps you reach your financial goals by setting up your travel savings account while feeding you financial literacy nuggets. 

  1. Packpoint
best travel apps
Source: Packpoint App

Are you the bougie type who isn’t cut out for any form of stress? You’re in luck because Packpoint takes out all the stress of packing.

All you need to do is present the length of your trip, and the app takes it from there. It shows you what you need to pack based on your trip activities and the weather in your destination. Down to little details, like your outfit, Packpoint if efficient.

For your Flight

  1. Momondo
best travel apps
Source: Momondo App

The Momondo search engine proves that you can start a beautiful trip even on a shoestring budget. It helps you find and compare flights and choose what best suits you.

You can use Momondo’s monthly matrix to identify the best dates to fly and utilize the most affordable and convenient options, no matter your destination.

  1. Spotify
best travel apps
Source: Spotify App

Spotify is no doubt the largest music bank. Apart from music, it gives you access to rich podcasts on literally any topic you can think of as a Black traveler. For the best flight experience, you can engage your best podcasts and playlists.

  1. Netflix
best travel apps
Source: Netflix App

If you aren’t much of a music and podcast person, there’s Netflix, even if it comes without the chill. You can occupy yourself with your favorite series, movies, animes, TV shows, documentaries, and more while on your flight. 

At your Destination

  1. Black Nation
best travel apps
black nation
Source: Black Nation App

As a Black traveler, Black Nation gives you easy access to Black-owned businesses right in your neighborhood and around the world. You can find restaurants, bars, boutiques, and salons you can patronize wherever you go.

Now, you can go forth anywhere you wish with the great commission of supporting the community. 

  1. Moovn
best travel apps
Source: Moovn App

Just like Uber, Moovn allows you to order on-demand transportation services. But even better, it helps you book rides up to a month in advance.

Moovn is one of the Black travel apps owned by Godwin Gabriel, a Tanzanian-American, and it has the sole mission of economically empowering Black communities and changing lives. It is available in seven US locations, Vancouver, CA, three African countries, and Dubai.

For Planning Your Trip Events

  1. Triplt
best travel apps
Source: TripIt App

Are you a travel explorer with lots of adventures on your to-do list? With TripIt, you can create a master document to help you organize your itineraries and stay on track.

Another benefit of using TripIt is that you can quickly import your reservations from other platforms, keeping all your information, including ferry tickets, reservations for rental cars, hotel rooms, and flight details, in one place.

  1. Meetup
best travel apps
Source: Meetup App

Meetup is one of the few apps that lives up to its name. With Meetup, you can meet locals and other travelers and find groups in your destination city centered around specific interests, such as yoga, cooking, hiking, business, technology, and other pursuits.

The best part is that you can use Meetup from the comfort of your home.

Other travel apps that can help you have a great travel experience include Google maps, Google Translate, Globe tips, Kiwi, Tripwhistle, Goodreads, and many more.

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