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7 Black Travel Groups To Join for an Unforgettable Travel Experience

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Traveling can be therapeutic. But have you ever done it with a group of individuals you can relate to and share your emotions with?

In 2019, before the covid pandemic, the MMGY global report on the economic impact of black travel found an estimated $109.4 billion in domestic trips and about $20.2 billion in international leisure travel. Truth be said and known, black people travel—a lot.

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Traveling used to be a crazy experience for a typical black individual. From the “we serve whites only” at the hotel to the “Go back to your country” attitude, black people found it very hard to tour the world.

But things have changed now. Bold black people weren’t ready to let any insults to their skin color limit them from reaching greater heights and seeing the world. They formed black travel groups and have since made life easier for the Black community. 

Why Exactly Do You Need Black Travel Groups to Tour the World?

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Africans and African Americans seek a change in surroundings, a sense of a new demographic and atmosphere, a variety of cultural activities and cuisines, and the opportunity to engage with other ethnic groups, just like every other racial group does.

Black travel groups make your vacations memorable. Meet new people, look for partners, and be receptive to chances. Be accepted for who you are without having to hide your African heritage.

We bring these top 7 black travel groups to look out for to give you a mindblowing and unforgettable experience this year. 

  1. Nomadness Travel Tribe

At the top of the list is Evita Robinson’s award-winning lifestyle travel group, Nomadness Travel Tribe.

They contribute an estimated $50 million annually to the travel industry, with over 25000 black and brown nomads. Their representation breaks down barriers based on race, gender, economic status, or interests. 

Nomadness shows you don’t have to be so affluent to see the world. Nomadness is not for you if you plan to travel and sit in your resort. You should be ready for a stroll in the city, sharing beer and thoughts.

  1. Black Adventuristas
Source: Instagram

Founder Veronica Garnett founded Black Adventuristas to celebrate and encourage adventurous black women who are inspired to pursue their dreams.

This platform puts an end to the “black people aren’t adventurous” stereotype and dares black women to be adventurous.

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They go a step further to prove Africans aren’t just traveling but are also making an impact through adventures. Ready to explore? You should join the Black Adventuristas.

  1. Black Girls Travel Too  (BGTT)

This community, founded by Danielle Rivers-Mitchelle, is dedicated to creating incredible experiences for black women travelers across the globe. According to their Facebook page, they simply develop tools, tips, and self-empowering trips for women travelers.

BGTT encourages and empowers women to give a deaf ear to the world’s opinion about them and live on their terms.

  1. Black and Abroad 
Source: Instagram

This award-winning travel platform makes it a cultural dedication to create a redefined experience for Black travelers. Its founder created this platform not just for travel but for lifestyle celebrations for Black people. 

  1. Jet Black Travel

Another outstanding black travel group to look out for is Jet Black Travel. According to the founders, shared experiences through travel groups help to deepen relationships. With this understanding, they design thorough itineraries, ensure you enjoy yourself, and gain valuable experience by connecting you with people who share your interests.

They also establish connections with individuals around the globe to act as travel hosts or ambassadors. 

  1. Melanin Voyage 

Melanin Voyage is a unique black-owned travel company for extraordinary group trip experiences for the African diaspora. They connect black explorers from different parts of the world to make travel plans together, and provide them with an exclusive, culturally rich travel experience.

  1. Black Voyageurs 
Source: Instagram

Last on the list is the Black Voyageurs– a black travel group representing an underrepresented demographic in mainstream travel. By sharing knowledge of the most distinctive underrepresented regions, they expand the worldwide community of people of African origin.

So there you have it. These Top 7 Black Travel Groups will save you the stress of planning an entire vacation on your own and ensure your trip remains worthwhile and memorable.

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Adesua Okoeguale
Adesua Okoeguale
I write passionately to engage and bring delight to my readers.


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