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Anthony Joshua’s Net Worth: Career Earnings, Car & House

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British-Nigerian boxer Anthony Joshua is one of the most famous boxers in the sport. His meteoric rise to the top has seen him fight against big names like Wladimir Klitschko and sell-out arenas. Joshua’s events are some of the most lucrative, so he gets a high payout. How does this reflect on Anthony Joshua’s net worth? Let’s take a look.

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What is Anthony Joshua’s Net Worth? 

Anthony Joshua training. Image Source: Instagram licensed under CC BY 2.0

Anthony Joshua started his career on a winning note. His earliest title came at the Haringey Boxing Cup in 2009 and 2010. He also won in all fights that he took part in. By the end of 2011, he had a 40-3 record and was named the Amateur Boxer of the Year by the Boxing Writers Club of Great Britain

Anthony Joshua’s first international competition was the London 2012 Olympics and he clinched the gold medal in the superheavyweight category. A year later, he turned professional and became the man to beat. 

Since then, he’s had 28 fights, won numerous titles, and banked millions. As of 2023, his career earnings are estimated to be around $340 million. As for his net worth, Anthony Joshua reportedly has a net worth of around $90 million

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How Much Does Anthony Joshua Make Per Fight?

Anthony Joshua takes home good money for the kind of matchups he attracts. One of his biggest fights was against Wladimir Klitschko in 2017 in Wembley. From that alone, he banked a whopping $18.75 million. 

In his latest fight against Jermain Franklin, he reportedly earned around $12 million. Here’s a breakdown of how much he made in some of his fights, according to

  • Joshua vs Klitschko – $18.75 million
  • Joshua vs Molina – $6.25 million
  • Joshua vs Parker – $25 million
  • Joshua vs Takam – $12.5 million
  • Joshua vs Pulev – $13 million
  • Joshua vs Povetkin – $25 million
  • Joshua vs Ruiz – $31 million
  • Joshua vs Ruiz 2 – $75 million
  • Joshua vs Usyk – $18.5 million
  • Joshua vs Usyk 2 – $75 million

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Anthony Joshua’s Endorsements

Joshua works with some of the most lucrative brands. The U.S. Sun reports that he earns around $122 million from these deals. In 2011, he earned around $11 million from his sponsorship deals with: 

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  • Range Rover
  • Under Armour
  • Hugo Boss
  • Jaguar
  • Audemars Peugeot
  • Lucozade
  • Beats Electronics
  • DAZN with whom he penned a five-year $125 million deal for two fights every year until he retires.

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Anthony Joshua’s House

He has spent some of his money on some of the best homes. According to The Mirror, Joshua splashed $9.5 million on pads in a space of three years. He purchased a North London home at $1.3 million and three houses in his hometown of Watford worth $1.9 million. 

After winning his latest fight, Joshua is said to be investing in another property in an exclusive neighbourhood of Bond Street. As of 2022, houses in this area cost around $7.6 million.

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Anthony Joshua’s Cars

Of course, he owns several luxurious vehicles. He’s thought to have spent about $1.3 million on his cars. Some of them include:

  • Range Rover SVO – $189, 000
  • Jaguar XJR – $117, 000
  • Rolls Royce – $758, 000
  • Mercedez v8 BiTurbo – $184, 000
  • Audi A3 S-Line

At 33, Anthony Joshua is slowly making a comeback. He is a former World Boxing Association (WBA), International Boxing Federation (IBF), and World Boxing Organisation (WBO) champion, victories that have contributed immensely to his wealth. Will he get back to the pinnacle and cash in as much as he did when he was at the top of his game? 

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