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10 African American Action Movies to Watch if You Love John Wick 4


If you love John Wick 4, the art is in the grief, the vengeance, and the fight for freedom profuse in exquisite action. Now that we know what you like, here are more for the adrenalin rush. I bet these African-American action movies give you a thrill of the John Wick 4 kind. 

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Here you see black heroes saving themselves and the world. Are you up for some great movie recommendations?

1. Shaft 

This 1971 Black Power movie is intriguing in its ired-up beginning. A black detective teams up with a gang leader as a private eye. Things get spiced as the rescue mission turns into a fight between the mob and the uptown gangs. A misperception of the matter as a racial war never complicates it. Wired in crafted action, this movie is years old but a definite must-watch.

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2. Coffy 

A sweet, nurturing nurse embarked on a war against drugs when her sister became a victim. This lone black woman sets out to fight head-to-head with societal disorders. Hunting down street dealers and going up to the bigger masters, she battles for her cause. Horrified to find out that even people she respected were involved, she was betrayed to her death. If you want rough action coiled with feminine, this 1973 hit got you. 

3. The Bad Boys Series

Bad Boys, Bad Boys 2, and Bad Boys for Life are in the oh-so-serious action category. These action-packed comedies are not without a good story though. 

The series tells of two brilliant black detectives with different personalities. Watched in order or each as an independent one, the provocative action framed in humor is quite a fantastic theme. 

4. The Equalizer Series 

The Equalizer and The Equalizer 2 and the upcoming third sequel make up a great action series. A black man of some shady background was just trying to live in tranquillity. Unpredictable life, however, pulls him back at an incident. 

A rescue confrontation evokes aggression, and the main character is forced to use his old hard skills. As days go by, he gets on imposing vigilante justice on culprits on his way. The movie has fascinating twists and great moves. If you are going to miss any of the African-American movies on this list, it shouldn’t be Equalizer 3.

5. Proud Mary 

Another black woman is on the lead in our list. The bold Mary is keen as an assassin working for a merciless gangster. While going about her usual job, she meets a 12-year-old boy, an event that sparks her maternal sentiments. 

The hitwoman plays her ruthless self now for the protection of a vulnerable little boy. It gives a glance at the challenges of the youth in the African-American community and is a good story packed with masterly action.

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6. Black Panther 

This 2018 hit is about black history and power. It’s a tale of how a struggle for resource possession and power births a full-blown war. 

Ritual combats and fights with cutting-edge weaponry get the adrenaline pumping. This superhero movie is thrilling in its epic story and brilliant adventure. The sequel, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, can’t be omitted from our list. 

Take a seat with these and you won’t look away for a second.

7. New Jack City 

The drug crisis is not so new to the African American neighbourhood. In the 1991 black action movie, two officers venture into the web trying to bring down a scandalous drug tycoon. Going undercover to depose the multimillion drug trading empire, they employ their grit and skills. 

A thrilling flow, good kicks, and gripping shots are some of the things you’ll love about the movie.

8. Black Dynamite 

This 2009 action comedy is the story of a former security agent seeking retributive justice for his brother’s death. Vowing to void the streets of drug dealers and gangsters, he discovers a convoluted knot. 

The movie will give you great action and a relatable story of African American history in fighting the drug crisis. 

9. Django Unchained 

This is a story of painful black slavery, freedom, and vengeance. With a Western theme, it explores the transitioning of a black slave into a free man pursuing the freedom of his enslaved wife. You see some sharp graphics and a moving tale in this 2012 movie.

10. Set It Off 

Here is one exciting crime action movie starring black women friends who joined up for a heist. All come to the thought for different reasons and end up in a convoluted matter with one robbery leading to another. Packed with good action and drama, this movie is a must-watch. 

Finally, if you enjoy the adrenaline-pumping, action-packed world of John Wick, then diving into the realm of African-American movies might be a wonderful experience. The films in this list feature a wide range of stories and characters, ranging from classic blaxploitation films to recent blockbusters with high-octane action sequences. 

There’s something on this list for everyone, whether you’re looking for grim revenge stories or heroic escapades. So grab some popcorn, buckle up, and prepare for the adrenaline journey that is these 10 African American action flicks.

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