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The Most Creative Easter Eggs in Advertising Campaigns


Easter eggs have become a popular feature in advertising campaigns over the years. These hidden messages, secrets, symbols, or references are a fun and creative way for advertisers to engage their audiences and add an element of surprise to their campaigns. From subtle nods to popular culture to cleverly hidden messages, the most creative Easter eggs in advertising campaigns can leave a lasting impression on viewers.

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The use of Easter eggs in advertising has become even more prevalent in recent years as brands look for new and innovative ways to capture their audiences’ attention during seasonal festivities. Whether it’s a hidden message in a print ad or a cleverly placed reference in a video, Easter eggs are a way for brands to connect with consumers on a deeper level. 

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most creative Easter eggs in advertising campaigns and discuss how they were used to enhance the overall message of the campaign. In short, they’re the best easter marketing campaign ideas.

The 5 Most Creative Easter Eggs in Advertising Campaigns 

1. Co-op Food “The Eggsperiments” – 2016

Video Source: Co-op Arm Eggsperiment

“The eggsperiments” is a series of eight online films showing real-life scenarios where a member of the public has stepped in to help a stranger in need. In one of the videos, you’ll see strangers helping a man who hurt both of his arms. The strangers were actors and the members of the public were unaware they were being filmed.

Moreover, this easter campaign aims to inspire people to be “good eggs” — a great way to connect Easter with their product and send a good message.

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2. Deliveroo with Its Dragon Easter Eggs – 2019

Deliveroo Easter Dragon Egg Ad. Image Source: licensed under CC BY 2.0
Deliveroo Easter Dragon Egg Ad. Image Source: licensed under CC BY 2.0

Also, Deliveroo’s dragon Easter egg ad was a creative and smart way to attract both fans of Game of Thrones (GOT) and food lovers. The ad was timely, catching the momentum of the airing of the final GOT season and making it a celebration of Easter as well. This way, it got the attention of its audience without distracting them from their favorite show.

What’s more, the campaign teaches you the importance of understanding your target audience. If your company offers online delivery service through an app, your customers will surely love to enjoy their favorite meal with their favorite TV show. That’s what Deliveroo did!

Through the effectiveness of the ad, Deliveroo gained hundreds of brand mentions and social shares, which significantly increased brand awareness. 

Further, the ad got the attention of new customers who were attracted to the limited edition dragon eggs on its app. It was one of the most effective easter promotion ideas.

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3. Aldi’s Alcoholic Easter Surprise – 2020

Aldi’s Alcoholic Easter Surprise Ad. Image source: licensed under CC BY 2.0
Aldi’s Alcoholic Easter Surprise Ad. Image source: licensed under CC BY 2.0

When you hear about the Easter Egg Hunt, your mind probably goes to only children hunting for these treasure eggs. But Aldi wanted to change that perception by literally bringing forward the Easter spirit.

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In 2020, the company released an ad supporting the notion that Easter is meant to be for everyone, not just kids. The ad includes two alcohol-infused eggs, one with Jin and Tonic and the second with Prosecco. 

No instructions, no discounts, and no prizes, just simple yet effective easter marketing ideas. What’s a better way to feel included?

4. Cadbury – Worldwide Hide – 2019

Video Source: Cadbury: Worldwide Hide

Cadbury’s Worldwide Hide is a virtual Easter egg hunt that anyone can play globally. The creative ad is interactive, allowing you to hide virtual chocolate eggs anywhere on Google Earth and give your loved ones a clue to find them. 

In addition, Cadbury shared their video campaign on YouTube, posing the question, “What if you could hide an Easter egg anywhere in the world?”

This ad is creative for the times because, during the pandemic-induced lockdowns, millions of people couldn’t see friends and family — even during the Easter season. This marketing innovation helped them feel more connected. 

5. Adidas and Bad Bunny– Easter Egg- 2021


Not an April Fool’s Joke 🤩💕 Easter came early. Thank you BB #foryou #badbunny #adidas #easter #fu ♬ BOOKER T – Bad Bunny

Video Source: TikTok

Here is another one of the numerous easter marketing campaigns. Consequently, in 2021, Adidas and Bad Bunny collaborated to create exclusive blush pink sneakers that target their customers in light of the Easter celebration. 

This partnership was successful because the collaboration sparked interest all over social media, with creators and users sharing their purchases. This way, the two brands garnered new customers and subscribers while creating awareness

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The Bottom Line

Accordingly, if you’re a business owner or a copywriter, incorporating Easter eggs into your advertising campaigns is an innovative way to inject creativity and playfulness into your campaigns. From subtle nods to pop culture references to hidden messages and interactive experiences, Easter eggs can intrigue and influence engagement among your target audience. This can help build brand loyalty and create buzz around your product, service, or business.

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Overall, Easter eggs in advertising campaigns testify to creativity’s power, which leaves a lasting impression and fosters a connection between your brand and customers. Run an easter bunny promotion on various social media platforms, insert an inside joke, and wait for your reward.

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