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7 Best Restaurants in Cape Town You Should Reserve Next

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The best restaurants in Cape Town offer quality food, fine dining, great ambience and a memorable experience. You can never run out of places to eat but our picks take into consideration budget, accessibility and offerings. Cape Town’s culinary scene is diverse and is the largest wine-producing area in the country so expect to get the best quality when you visit these restaurants.

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Marco’s African Place

Marco is the first black restauranteur in Cape Town, South Africa. He opened his first restaurant in 1989 and remains a favorite for people who want to indulge in traditional and Mediterranean food. You can also enjoy live music and entertainment while dining. Marco’s African Place is found in the Schotsche Kloof, Bo-Kaap area.

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Afrolife & Pitso’s Kitchen

Pitso Monate is the owner of Afrolife & Pitso’s Kitchen. His restaurant opened in 2019, but his culinary journey began before that. He made local food on the streets of Limpopo, where his food sold out. He eventually started his restaurant to give people ‘a home away from home’. Mogodu (beef or mutton tripe) is the most popular dish. Others include the group hug platter (meat portions, steamed bread, samp or pap). Afrolife & Pitso’s Kitchen also serves beer crafted by the city’s first black-owned brewery, Ukhamba Beerworx.

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Meeting Point

Meeting Point is a Tanzanian-based cuisine restaurant. It shares the culture and values of Tanzania through food, using ingredients sourced from Moshi. Common Tanzanian foods include chai (tea) and pilau, among others. You can find one of the best restaurants in Cape Town at 67 Strand Street, Cape Town CBD.

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Pahari African Restaurant

Pahari African Restaurant adds to our list of the best restaurants in Cape Town. It’s the place to go if you want to enjoy Zimbabwean food. Sadza is Pahari’s main dish and is served alongside ox trotters, beef stew, chicken and tripe with offals. You can find this restaurant at 121 Cecil Road, Salt River.  

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Siba Restaurant

Siba Mtongana is an award-winning chef whose show, Siba’s Table, aired on Food Network to millions of people worldwide. Her establishment is one of the best restaurants in Cape Town, providing a 5-star dining experience. Her meals are accompanied by a wine list that incorporates champagne, red, white and rose. Before you go to Siba Restaurant, make a reservation. 

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Gold Restaurant

If you want authentic African cuisine, make your way to the Gold restaurant at 15 Bennett Street, Green Point, 8005. It’s one of the best Cape Town restaurants you can eat at, whether you are visiting or you live here. It offers a 14-dish menu meant to be shared, a mark of African dining manners. The team at the facility come, from across the continent and share their experience and recipes to enrich the menu. 

Bebe Rose

Bebe Rose deserves its place in our list of the best restaurants in Cape Town. It’s another gem for African cuisine lovers. The food is prepared by a chef who has over 20 years of experience in preparing local cuisines. The spices are from the continent, which only enriches the food. The menu consists of white and red meats, African sauces and vegetarian dishes. Bebe Rose is located at 78 Church Street Cape Town CBD.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any Michelin-star restaurants in Cape Town?  

La Colombe was voted one of the world’s best 50 restaurants, taking the 49th position, and the best in Africa. 

What is the best food to eat in Cape Town?

You can eat a variety of meals from braai, chakalaka, rice paper rolls and tomato bredie among others.

What is the main street in Cape Town for restaurants?

Long Street is where many restaurants, shops and bars are found.

If you want to go to the best restaurants in Cape Town, consider our picks. You will find a variety of food, local and international, that’s sure to satisfy your food cravings. Check the opening hours and make a reservation where necessary.  

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