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Top West Indies Bowlers That Represented the Caribbean Nation

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The top West Indies bowlers possess a combination of speed, balance, consistency and strength that produces the perfect delivery. The best cricket teams have competent bowlers as they set the pace of the game. This is an area in which the West Indies cricket team produced exceptional players and we share more details about them below.

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Andy Roberts

One On One with Andy Roberts. Video Credit: ABS TV Antigua

Andy Roberts starts our list of the top West Indies bowlers. He clocked the fastest speed of 159.5 Kmph during his team’s game against Australia in Perth in 1975. The bowler was the first Antiguan to represent the West Indies, and he left an indelible mark. Roberts debuted for the national side in 1974 against England and played his last in 1983 against India. The right-hander bowler won the Cricket World Cup twice, in 1975 and 1979.

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Malcolm Marshall 

The Greatest Quick of All Time? Video Credit: Lord’s Cricket Ground

Many batsmen who faced Malcolm Marshall will attest to his bowling technique. He was fast, tricky and even after hitting numerous balls in their careers, the one they couldn’t anticipate was Marshall’s. In his career, he recorded a test bowling average of 20.94 in more than 200 wickets, a feat that’s yet to be eclipsed by anyone. The player consistently surpassed the 90mph bowling speed during a major part of his career, earning him a place in the top West Indies bowlers.

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Curtly Ambrose

Windies 2000 – Best Bowling Attack Ever? Video Credit: England & Wales Cricket Board.

Standing at 6 feet 7 inches, Sir Curtly Ambrose unleashed terror on batsmen. His height allowed him to produce tremendous strength and speed. He was able to do it in either direction. Some of his most memorable matches include his 7 wickets for 1 run against Australia in Perth in 1993. In 1990, England was on the receiving end of his bowling mastery, recording 8 wickets in 45 runs. In his career, Ambrose got 405 wickets in 98 test matches, averaging 20.99 runs per wicket.

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Joel Garner

Joel Garner at the Prime Ministers 11 Cricket match in Canberra 2010. Source: Wikimedia licensed by CC-BY-SA-2.0

Joel Garner was one of the tallest players to feature in test cricket. He was 6 feet, 8 inches, an intimidating figure to the batsmen he faced. Wisden reports that his bowling speed ranged between 75 and 80 mph or 120 kmph and 128 kmph. Nicknamed the “Big Bird” he bowled in an era when West Indies had the best bowlers, so not topping 140kmph doesn’t take away from his accomplishments. He was used as a first or second option but was also versatile in other areas, hence his consideration. Garner’s bowling average was 20.97 in test cricket.

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Michael Holding

How to bowl fast – Michael Holding’s fast bowling masterclass. Video Credit: Wide World of Sports

Michael Holding was nicknamed the “whispering death” because he tended to operate silently on the turf before leathering the ball fiercely against the batsmen. Holding topped speeds of 150.67 kmph. One of his fastest games was an over against Geoff Boycott in Kensington Oval in 1981, and is considered the “greatest over in test history”. He also produced the best bowling figures for a West Indian player against England at 14/149. Holding recorded 249 wickets averaging 23.68.

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Courtney Walsh

As the Specialist Bowling Coach of Bangladesh Cricket Team Courtney Walsh is busy on the field with the team Bangladesh. Source: Wikimedia licensed CC-BY-SA-4.0

With a speed of 133.5 kmph, Courtney Walsh was one of the fastest bowlers West Indies produced. He wasn’t as fast as the Marshall or Ambrose, but his longevity was evident and eventually, moved up the ranks to take new balls. Walsh wasn’t the most elegant bowler, but his efficiency was important for the team. He didn’t mind doing the dirty work and let others shine.

Fidel Edwards

Fidel Edwards. Source: Wikimedia licensed by  CC-BY-SA-2.0

Fidel Edwards made a grand entry into international cricket, producing the second-fastest bowling against South Africa. He debuted against Sri Lanka and played 55 matches in his career. Edwards made his One Day International (ODI) debut in 2003 and played 50 matches. In 2012, he won the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup.

The top West Indies bowlers have produced the best performances during their careers. They gave batsmen a difficult time and always delivered when it mattered. Our list primarily features bowlers from the West Indies as they fit into our target audience.

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