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5 Ways To Engage Your Child in Weather Watching


Children love to have fun, learn and ask questions about anything and everything, and the weather is not left out.

Mum, why is the sky blue?”

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Dad, why does the wind blow?”

Grandma, does the rain dance bring rain?”

Mum, why are hurricanes given names?”

These are some common weather questions kids ask, and if your kid has never asked any of these, they are probably thinking about it. 

Early weather education is crucial because, in addition to learning about the weather, young children also gain knowledge of the climate and the world around them and become more respectful of their environment. But unfortunately, most parents find it hard to come up with creative ideas and activities for teaching weather to their kids. 

If you find this challenging, you’ll be delighted to know that there are simple activities you can use to entertain your kids’ curious minds while they watch the weather. You can find these activities in this article. Let’s explore five fun ways to engage your child in weather watching!

5 Fun Activities For Teaching Weather to Your Child

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  1. Measure the weather.

Measuring the weather is one of the best activities for teaching weather to children. As you watch the clouds, rain, or snow, look for patterns and characteristics peculiar to different weather changes.  Then show kids how to use instruments to take precise measurements by watching kid-friendly videos. You may also need a thermometer to measure the temperature of the air.

  1. Capture the weather.

Drawing and painting while watching the weather is another fun activity that can help you understand how your child perceives the weather. It is a great way to bring out creativity in children. They can use the current weather as an inspiration for their work of art or draw their thoughts on the weather. 

Simply stay on your porch or garden and watch the bright summer sun or sit under a shade while you watch the rain. You may also observe from a window while you and your child paint the weather and learn fun facts about it. It is also a great way to discover colors associated with different seasons and weather. The sun, for instance, would be painted yellow if it were yellow. They can also simultaneously learn about colors and weather by painting a rainbow. An added advantage is that painting can help you relax and is a top-of-the-list self-care tip for many people. 

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Source: Pixabay
  1. Keep a weather journal.

Keeping a weather journal with your kids to record the different weather conditions you may encounter where you live is one of the easiest ways to engage your kids in weather-watching. Get them personalized journals where they can write or draw what they observe from the weather daily. You can also step up their creativity by teaching them to make illustrations of the weather outside, like the sun, raindrops, or a cloud, using construction paper and crayons, after which they can glue them to their journals. Maybe after each month of consistent weather watching, you can even frame pieces of their journaling and reward them. 

  1.  Build a Snowman

Are you thinking of a fun weather activity to engage your kids in during the winter? Kids love playing and building characters in the snow, and everyone’s favorite is the snowman! 

You can assist your child with building a snowman. They can also play safely in the snow by taking pictures and drawing patterns. 

Source: Pixabay
  1. Sing it to them!

If your kids are still very young, the activities above might be too complex for them to try out. However, they don’t have to miss out on the fun. You can sing it to them! 

Children love singing, and it’s a fantastic way to engage them and stimulate their brains, so your child is less likely to forget important facts about the weather if you teach them with songs. You can sing, dance, and bond better with them while watching the weather.

Some popular weather nursery rhymes your little ones will love to sing along to include “How’s the weather today?”, “Is it sunny? Is it rainy? Is it windy? Is it snowy? ” Another one is Blow, Wind, Blow. You’ll want to find more weather songs or nursery rhymes for different weather and seasons. 

The activities for teaching weather are endless. So, feel free to try these out and any other fun ones you can think of. 

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