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7 Ways to Become Financially Independent as an African American

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It’s a common dream to become financially independent. However, being financially free can mean different things depending on your situation and outlook. Financial independence can mean supporting oneself without any external help, living without money worries, being debt-free, or working free hours. 

Regardless of what your definition of what your definition is, these seven tips will help guide you in reaching it. 

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Set Realistic and Achievable Goals

Guide on how to set financial goals. Video Credit: @BrianTracyOfficial

What does financial independence mean to you? Almost everyone has a desire for it, but that’s too general. You need to be specific about your goals and deadlines. The more specific and realistic your goals, the higher your chances of reaching them. 

Pen down these three things: 

  • List of the things you need money to fix or buy
  • How much money do you need to make that possible
  • The time frame to reach these goals

Next, break the long-term goals into smaller daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Write down all the monetary goals and deadlines and place the goal sheet at the front of your financial binder. Here are a few guides on Amazon that help guide you through setting realistic and attainable financial goals. 

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Reduce Debt

One of the most effective ways to cut down on expenses is to pay off high-interest debts. Credit card debts and other high-interest consumer loans don’t encourage wealth building. So, make a commitment to clearly such as debts. 

Mortgages, student loans, and others in this category have low interest rates, so clearing them isn’t an emergency. However, it’s also essential to pay them on time. Doing so will help build and improve your credit score over time. 

Diversify your income

Another way to set yourself up for financial freedom is to have several income streams. You should look out for ways to make more money in addition to your primary source of income. 

Extra sources of income can take many forms, from starting a side hustle to freelancing. Passive income from investments can also be a good way to add to your earnings. The more extra money you make, the less the financial burden on your primary source of income. 

Have a Monthly Budget

How to Budget. Video Credit: @KrysTheMaximizer

Making a monthly budget and sticking to it is the best way to ensure you pay all your essential bills and don’t spend more than necessary. Budgeting also makes it possible for you to have enough to save. 

Generally, it’s a routine that reinforces your goals and helps you fight against the temptation to spend money freely or extravagantly. If you’re unsure about how to create a monthly budget, get a budgeting template from Amazon

Build a Safety Net

 When trying to become financially independent, the first urgent step is to create a good financial safety net as quickly as possible. Having a cushion is essential in achieving your goal of becoming financially free. 

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Consider building an emergency fund alongside your savings account and transfer money into it anytime you can. Make an effort to save to cover at least three to six months’ living expenses. This will ensure that you don’t depend on external help should you encounter any unforeseen circumstances. 

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Get Professional Financial Help

While there is a lot of finance information, calculators, and tools online, it’s advisable to also seek the advice of a financial advisor. A professional financial advisor can provide money advice tailored to your specific financial needs. 

They don’t just provide general advice. They assess your income, debt, current financial commitments, and goals before providing advice. Furthermore, a certified financial advisor can help you build a diversified investment portfolio with an asset allocation that matches your investment time frame and risk tolerance.

Save Automatically

Adopting an automated money-saving feature can help you save funds with ease. This approach ensures that all money meant for savings goes to savings when due since you don’t have control over it. 

The good thing is that many financial institutions allow you to schedule recurring transfers from your checking to savings accounts. You can get a saving guide from Amazon to learn how to allocate your income so you’ll have more to save.

Being financially free means living without financial worries and being able to afford your lifestyle without stress. It’s the dream of almost everyone, including African Americans. These seven tips will help you reach that goal. 

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