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Traveling While Black: 7 Places to Experience African American Christmas in the US


One of the hallmarks of an African American Christmas is spending time with family and friends. That said, we bet black travelers will still be on the move, scouting for different destinations to enjoy the festivities. If this is you, you can visit numerous places in the United States. These cities and towns take their festivities seriously and despite the cold temperatures, you’ll have a good time. If you’re traveling while black, consider these places.

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The best places to celebrate Christmas in the USA. Video Credit: Trending Tenz – Top 10


This is one of the Christmas City villages you should add to your traveling list. If you’re always excited about dressing up, listening to Christmas music and buying things from vendors, you should make your way there. Additionally, you’ll witness the winter light spectacle with over a million bulbs at the Lehigh Valley Zoo.


If you’re into skiing, you should think about Colorado. It’s one of the best places to experience the snow and enjoy Christmas with a twist. There are also a lot of places to enjoy drinks and food. You can visit the Welton Street Cafe, Jabo’s Bar-Be-Q, and Whittier Cafe among others. 

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Your travels should take you to Chicago, where you’ll experience a parade and the lighting of the Christmas tree. You can also enjoy activities like horse-drawn wagon rides, indoor winter wonderland, and ice skating rinks. 

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Disney World

What Disney World is like at Christmas. Video Credit: The Park Prodigy

Is there a better place to spend Christmas than at Disney World? If you’re traveling while black, it might be one of the places you’ve been wanting to visit, so take advantage of this time. 

This is a popular destination for locals and tourists, so get your tickets early to avoid missing out. There are a lot of treats and decorations you’d want to spend your time appreciating. 

Also, attend Mickey Mouse Christmas Party, go to Jungle Cruise and other attractions in the magical world.

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Newport Beach, California

If you love visiting the ocean or beaches on your travels, consider spending some time at Newport Beach, California. This will be a Christmas-themed beach experience. Every year, they hold a Christmas Beach Parade with decorated boats with lights and ornaments that spread Christmas cheer. 

You have five nights to enjoy the show so make sure you grab a nice viewing spot.

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New York

Christmas in New York. Video Credit: Details in Luxury

New York should be on your list of places to visit for Christmas if you’re traveling while black. It’s a cosmopolitan city where people from all walks of life go at this time of year. 

Remember to pack your skates if you want to enjoy Skating at Rockefeller Center. You’ll also see the New York City ballet perform the Nutcracker and other decorations around the city.

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Washington, DC

One of the best things about traveling while black is experiencing history, and that’s what you’ll get when you go to Washington, DC, this Christmas. Just outside the White House, you’ll witness the National Christmas Tree that’s been lit since 1923. Within the tree, 56 small trees symbolize the different states and territories of the United States. 

If you’re planning to visit the United States during the Christmas holidays or you live there, you have a lot of ways to celebrate. Were any of these destinations in your travel plans? 

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