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11 Best Cities for Black Families Who Need to Relocate

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For anyone who’s relocating, it’s essential to have a checklist of the kind of city you want to move to. Black families, particularly must be aware of their nature due to historical racial structures that didn’t allow them to live in certain parts of the United States and the world. 

Today, you can settle anywhere you want if it meets your standards. This guide will help you to find the best cities for black families.

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Accra, Ghana

An aerial view of Accra, Ghana. Image Source: Instagram licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you’ve decided to settle in Africa, one of the cities you should consider is Accra, Ghana. It’s one of the country’s most densely populated areas, making it vibrant. The city is affordable and houses some of the biggest companies and government offices. 

If you’re interested in the cultural aspects of the country, the National Museum of Ghana and the W.E.B. DuBois Centre in Accra are great places to visit. among other places. Additionally, you can learn about the country’s history by visiting the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park. 

Atlanta, Georgia

Also referred to as the ‘Black Mecca,’ Atlanta is a haven for black families. It has a thriving African-American culture and is known for its historical significance with the civil rights movement. The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park is one of its most iconic landmarks.  

Additionally, the city has a large black population, making it perfect for black families. If you’re a frequent traveler, you have the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport nearby, plus other road networks that allow you to move across states. 

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The palms in the Bahamas. Image Source: Instagram licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Bahamas is for those who love a little bit of everything, from nature to an affordable living cost. You’ll enjoy the beautiful sea and all its activities while benefiting from the growing economy. Business people will reap the rewards of little to no taxes and can capitalize on incoming business travelers to uplift their brands. 

Baltimore, Maryland

A view of the city of Baltimore. Image Source: Instagram licensed under CC BY 2.0

According to the United States Census Bureau, 62% of black families make up the population of Baltimore. This makes it one of the best cities for black families. The city is known for its history of black life. 

You can enjoy cultural events like the African American and Maryland Film Festival. The city is near Washington, D.C., New York, and Philadelphia, allowing you to travel in and out.    

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Cape Town, South Africa

A view of the city of Cape Town. Image Source: Instagram licensed under CC BY 2.0

 Cape Town was recently awarded the best travel city in the world by the Telegraph Travel Awards. Its landscape makes for great viewing and outings with your family and friends. If you’re big on that, consider Cape Town. 

Additionally, Cape Town is great for business with companies based in various sectors. Regarding homes, you can get gated urban estates, Tuscan styles, and more. 

Columbus, Ohio

If you’re a young professional and looking for a city to move to, consider Columbus, Ohio. It’s home to some of the biggest healthcare, insurance, retail, and finance companies, such as JP Morgan Chase & Co

Additionally, it’ll be perfect for your family. Your children can attend some of the best public schools, like the Columbus Alternative High School and Bexley High School

Aside from that, you’ll enjoy plenty of cultural attractions. The Columbus Museum of Art, the Ohio Theatre, the Ohio History Centre, and the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens are all places you can visit. 

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Dallas, Texas

Dallas is one of the best cities for black families to live in. It’s racially diverse, making settling in and making new friends easy. Additionally, you’ll enjoy a good quality of life. 

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There are a number of Fortune 500 companies like Dell Technologies, Exxon Mobile, and Phillips 66, among others. This gives you good employment options. When it comes to recreational activities, there are a number of sports teams, arts, galleries, and museums you can visit.

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Bridgetown, Barbados

Bridgetown is a city that any black family will enjoy. It’s welcoming and you’ll have no problems settling in. Like any other place in the Caribbean, you’ll enjoy the beaches and beautiful views, a fantastic array of cocktails, and so much more. 

A lot of the business happens here as it’s the capital city. This also sees them attract a large contingent of expats, making it more inclusive.

Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi is one of the best cities you can live in. It’s poised for great economic growth as many international companies have set up businesses. It has great infrastructure that makes it possible to move around, a port on the coast, and an international airport for frequent travelers. 

Its housing structure is varied, and the rates are affordable. Schooling options are plenty, from public to private schools.  

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Raleigh, North Carolina

Praised for its diverse population, Raleigh is one of the best cities for black families. It has a lot of good good-paying jobs that match the cost of living. If you have school-going children, you’ll have plenty of options. 

There are a lot of recreational activities to do, like museum visits and outdoor sports events like Triangle Rock Club, trails, and greenways, among others. 

Virginia Beach, Virginia

If you’re looking for a place with the vibrance of city life and you can retreat to relax without going out of town, this is the place to go to. You’ll get access to the city’s beaches, where you can enjoy picturesque views, long walks, surfing, and more. 

The coastal city is affordable, with homes priced at around $345,000. To enjoy some cultural attractions, visit the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art.

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