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Traveling Black Family: 8 Tips to Enjoy Your Christmas Vacation Overseas


If you’re not already on vacation, you’re probably preparing to have one. Does this involve traveling to another country? For a black family, going abroad presents exciting opportunities, particularly during the holidays, when you have all the time on your hands to explore. 

However, if you’re not well prepared, what’s supposed to be a memorable trip can be a nightmare. Scroll down to find ideas of what you should do to have an unforgettable experience.

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Deal with Homesickness

You’re bound to miss home, especially during this time of the year. You can deal with this by calling your loved ones and sharing your experiences with them. 

Once the call is done, don’t wallow in what you might be missing. You have an entire adventure on your hands so plan your schedule and focus on your exploration. 

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Embrace the New Tradition

spotcovery-Fans at a concert-Black family
Fans at a concert. Source: Photo by Danny Howe on Unsplash

What’s the point of traveling if you’re not willing to embrace a different culture? Soak yourself in their celebrations. Have a taste of their food, music, clothing, and entertainment spots, make new friends and go to the different Christmas events

Don’t sit in your hotel calling home and asking them how it’s going. This is a quick way of inspiring the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). 

Find Your Community

Depending on your location, there might be a black family at your destination. Before you travel, do some research on black communities. This will give you an idea of where they spend time. For example, where they eat, shop, activities they do and the areas they live. Connecting with other black families may inspire something close to a home Christmas celebration.

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Gift a Christmas Experience

spotcovery-A swimming pool and chairs by the side-Black family
A swimming pool and chairs by the side. Source: Photo by Oksana Bürki on Unsplash

Any black family that wants to maintain the tradition of gift-giving while traveling can still accomplish this. Instead of buying gifts and traveling, you can find events happening at your destination and buy a ticket for your recipient. You can also make a hotel reservation for them, cook something special or find a universal Christmas store and buy gifts.

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Go to the Local Community

You might not find this easy but engaging in your expat community can help you make connections and hence find a local family to spend time with. The best way of understanding your new environment is by talking to locals. 

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Keep Your Kids Informed

When you’re planning for a vacation, allow your kids to share their opinions on Christmas. What would they want it to be like? Sometimes, the adults plan it all only for the kids not to enjoy the experience. Additionally, they can share with you any issues they have so you can go through them before you leave. 

Take Your Christmas Traditions with You 

Going to another country over the Christmas holidays means that you’ll experience a different way of celebrating. That said, you can still recreate a home feeling by carrying a few items. For example, special attire, food, music or finding a nearby church to attend for your service.

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Visiting Family

spotcovery-A family sharing a meal. -Black family
A family sharing a meal. Source: Photo by August de Richelieu

If your family lives in the country you’re going to, include them in your travel itinerary. On the day you meet, carry gifts, buy them at your destination or do online shopping. This is a great way of enjoying your time as it gives you a sense of belonging. Your black family may give you amazing clues of where to go and what to do. 

Any black family going abroad for Christmas should be excited about the possibilities at hand. If you focus on learning and being adventurous, you’ll be so immersed in your travels that you’ll hardly think of home. 

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