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Black Health Matters: 9 Remarkable Black-Owned Wellness Spaces


The Black American community experiences mental health issues at the same rate as any other ethnic group. Black-owned wellness spaces have emerged to help promote African Americans’ mental health.

But, it’s essential to look at the mental health of black individuals through their cultural and historical lens. That’s where the disparity sets in. 

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For a long time, there has been a stigma surrounding seeking help for mental health in the community. This stigma is rooted in experiences like slavery, where black people were considered not sophisticated enough to develop conditions like depression and other mental health disorders.

This creates a forced resilience to mental health challenges. This culture has been passed down from generation to generation, and today, we see reports like 25% of Black people seek help when faced with mental health issues compared to 40% of White people.

Spotcovery recognizes this and has compiled a list of 10 black-owned wellness spaces where you can seek help without fear of stigma. Spaces you can enjoy cultural relatability.

1. Therapy For Black Girls


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Top on our list of wellness spaces is Therapy For Black Girls. This online space aims to make mental wellness more accessible to black girls and women. 

The platform connects you to licensed and culturally responsive therapists for all your mental needs. And this includes depression, addiction, and domestic and gender-based violence. Depending on your needs, you can connect with one virtually or through an in-person meeting. 

There are also wellness communities like The Sister Circle and Therapy and Therapy for Black Girl University that you can join. The founder, Dr. Joy Harden, a licensed psychologist and speaker, also runs a mental health podcast, Therapy for Black Girls, where she uses pop culture to make mental health more relatable.

2. HealHaus

This black-owned wellness space was founded by Darin Hall and Elisa Shankle, who, through their experiences, discovered the need to make holistic healing and wellness accessible, inclusive, and community oriented.

HealHaus brings together diverse practitioners who help connect all components of your being: body, soul, and mind to heal you. Therefore, you can expect the following;

  • Body- Breathwork, Yoga, Holistic medicine, and R.D Nutrition
  • Mind- Meditation and coaching, online therapy, mental health programs, conversations, and workshops
  • Spirit- Energy healing, tarot, serenity strategy, astrology, and Alignment lab

All the programs are virtual; you can book individual sessions or corporate wellness retreats. The latter helps to integrate wellness into your profession.

3. Transparent & Black

Transparent & Black is a wellness space focused on helping Black people heal from intergenerational trauma. 

This platform was founded on the fact that the black community is one of the most traumatized races due to slavery and historical and systematic poverty, and racism. As such, the platform seeks to provide a safe space for healing across the African diaspora through practices like the exploration of intergenerational trauma and other healing works.

4. Black Girl In Om

Black Girl In Om is a black-owned wellness space that seeks to hold and foster healing within black women around the globe. It does this through services such as 

  • Intergenerational healing
  • Spiritual awakening and 
  • Conscious shifts.

This platform has recently started a Next of Kin digital community that is radically inclusive to all, including the LGBTQ community, indigenous people, and people of color kinfolk.

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5. Touch of London Spa

Each Touch of London Spa session starts with an in-depth mind and body consultation before the trained therapist can recommend a customized solution. Services offered at the spa include

  • Body massage. 
  • Body treatments
  • Facial Menu and
  • Aromatherapy

The spa is affiliated with medical professionals like nutritionists, cardiologists, plastic surgeons, chiropractors, and general doctors, who are often invited for educational workshops. They teach about menopausal wellness, nutrition and management, and teen skin care to mention but a few.

6. The Jenesis House

The mission of the Jenesis House is to help people achieve true self-care. It transforms spaces like short-term rental rooms and hotels into wellness centers. 

Jenesis House offers personalized wellness retreats like massage and meditation to help guests achieve optimal well-being of the body and mind.

7. Black Girl Magik

Black Girl Magik is a wellness space that provides a sisterhood and community for Black women’s inner healing and wellness. Shydeai Caldwell, a healer teacher, and writer, established the wellness center.

The platform facilitates healing and wellness through communities like the Sanctuary School. Here, women learn how to heal from within and through programs like Awaken. All classes are live and recorded, and they are based on four pillars.

  • Holistic health
  • Energy work
  • Mental health
  • Ancestral traditions and healing

8. Black Girls Breathing

Black Health Matters: 9 Remarkable Black-Owned Wellness Spaces
Black woman in a meditation pause. Image source: Pexels licenced under CC BY 2.0

As the name suggests, this black-owned wellness space helps black girls and women manage their mental health and healing through breathwork.

Healing is best described as not a destination but a journey. This journey can be challenging, and one would often benefit from being part of a healing community. That is the angle at which Black Girls provides its services. 

It seeks to surround you with a sisterhood of people on the same journey as you as experts like Dr. Cottonham, a licensed psychologist. She helps you navigate your mental health challenges.

9. Fly Girl Collective

In 2015, Matilda and her two girlfriends participated in a marathon where they called themselves Fly Girl Collective. This was to acknowledge their growing love for wellness through movement. It formed the foundation of the now Fly Girl Collective, a wellness center.

Matilda launched this space in 2018 to encourage black women and women of color to prioritize their wellness and lifestyle. The center achieves this through wellness retreats, events, and mentoring opportunities. She has continued to promote wellness through her podcast, Finesse Your Wellness.

If you’ve been looking for a sign to prioritize your mental health and well-being as a black person, take this well-curated list of black-owned wellness spaces. Contact either of the wellness centers to begin your wellness journey.  


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