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Secure Your Finances: 6 Top Black-Owned Wallet Companies

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Are you looking to secure your finances while supporting black-owned businesses? Look no further! We’ve rounded up the top 6 Black-owned wallet companies that combine style, functionality, and a commitment to financial security.

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Founded by Akosua Afriyie-Kumi, a Ghanaian designer, AAKS is known for its distinctive woven bags and wallets that reflect the culture and heritage of Ghana. The brand has gained global recognition for its handcrafted bags that seamlessly blend traditional African craftsmanship with contemporary design sensibilities. 

What sets AAKS apart is its commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. The bags and wallets are meticulously handwoven using locally sourced materials such as raffia, a natural fiber from palm leaves. 

Chandra Maharaj Designs

Chandra Maharaj Designs Screenshot. Image Source: Chandra Maharaj Designs

Product page

Chandra Maharaj Designs is a remarkable Trinidad & Tobago fashion brand that beautifully intertwines cultural heritage and contemporary aesthetics. Founded by Chandra Maharaj, the brand is renowned for its exquisite products that pay homage to traditional craftsmanship while adding a modern twist.

At the heart of Chandra Maharaj Designs is a deep appreciation for cultural diversity and the artistry that comes with it. The jewelry pieces, bags, and wallets reflect this passion, capturing the essence of various cultures and infusing them with a touch of sophistication.

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Made Leather Co.

Owned by Lenise Williams, Made Leather Co., is a known fashion brand. The brand aims to craft classic bags and wallets with great regard to fashion, quality and the preservation of handmade products.

Lenise Williams created Made Leather to enable folks around the world to experience a little of Morocco. All Made Leather Co products are crafted using traditional methods that have been practiced for decades. This means that each of their products has a bit of history. 


In the world of Queen Bey, Monazeni stands out. The brand was founded to craft something different for outliers. The brand creates luxury products that are characterised by timeless elegance. 

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Sarep + Rose

Sarep + Rose Screenshot. Image Source: Sarep + Rose product page

From bags to wallets, Sarep + Rose has plenty of different durable and stylish products. The founder, Robin Sirleaf, travels across Africa to source quality materials and discover talented makers to create the best designs. Their goal is to grow a brand that moves Africa towards becoming a world manufacturing hub. 

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Brandon Blackwood

Based in New York, Brandon Blackwood is a fashion designer known for his eponymous luxury accessories brand, “Brandon Blackwood.” The brand is recognized for its modern designs, high-quality craftsmanship, and a commitment to sustainability and social consciousness. 

The brand places a strong emphasis on inclusivity and diversity. Blackwood has actively featured models of various backgrounds and sizes in his campaigns, aiming to reflect a broader representation of beauty and identity. In the brand’s collection, you’ll find a wide range of luxury wallets. You can find their products on Amazon as well. 

Supporting black-owned wallet companies isn’t just about securing your finances but investing in innovation, culture, and empowerment. By choosing any of these top 6 wallet companies, you’re contributing to a more inclusive and diverse marketplace. So go ahead, and protect your money with style and purpose!

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