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Top 6 Black-Owned Tea Companies You Must Try


Discover the rich and diverse world of tea with a twist – we’ve curated the list of the top six black-owned tea companies that deserve a spot in your cup. From soul-soothing blends to innovative flavors, join us in celebrating these exceptional tea brands from the Caribbean, to the US and all the way to Africa and savor a sip of culture and excellence.

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Ivy’s Tea Co

Founded by Shanae Jones, Ivy’s Tea Co. is a fantastic black-owned tea brand located at 9190 Stebbing Way Unit E, Laurel, Maryland, 20723, United States. Ivy’s Tea Co. stands out for its commitment to quality, culture, and creativity. 

The brand offers a unique range of handcrafted tea blends that infuse traditional flavors with a modern twist. From herbal concoctions to wellness-focused options, Ivy’s Tea Co. celebrates black heritage while promoting holistic well-being through the art of tea.

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The BlackLeaf Tea & Culture Shop

The BlackLeaf Tea & Culture Shop is a black-owned tea haven that seamlessly marries the world of tea with cultural vibrancy. Founded by Amber Jackson, a passionate tea enthusiast, The BlackLeaf Tea & Culture shop goes beyond the leaves, offering a transformative experience. 

The brand’s curated selection boasts a fusion of traditional and innovative flavors, each blend telling a story of heritage and creativity. From the first sip, you’re transported on a flavorful journey that celebrates diversity, fosters connection, and elevates the art of tea to new heights. 

If you’re seeking more than just a beverage but a cultural exploration in every cup, The BlackLeaf Tea & Culture Shop is your passport to an exceptional tea experience.

Sip & Sonder

Founded in 2017 in Inglewood, California, Sip & Sonder is a black women-owned tea brand with a portfolio of coffeehouses, digital content spaces, and a coffee roastery. Sip & Sonder offers a welcoming space for individuals to gather, create, and connect. 

With an inviting atmosphere encouraging collaboration, their carefully curated tea selection showcases classic flavors and contemporary twists. This makes every cup a delightful experience.  

Whether you’re a tea lover or a curious explorer, Sip & Sonder promises exceptional brews and a hub of inspiration and inclusivity. At Sip & Sonder, the magic of tea extends far beyond the rim of the cup.

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JusTea (Kenya)

If you’re looking for a tea brand that brings a unique and heartwarming story to your teacup, consider JusTea. The brand’s offerings go beyond taste; they encapsulate the spirit of a nation and the dedication of its people.

This tea company stands out for its direct partnership with Kenyan tea farmers, ensuring fair wages and sustainable practices. Whether seeking a refreshing morning brew or a soothing evening ritual, JusTea’s collection promises an authentic experience. 

With a cup of JusTea, you aren’t only embracing the joy of tea drinking but also supporting a brand that empowers, uplifts, and honors the traditions of a remarkable community.

Caribbean Cure Tea

Launched in 2016, Caribbean Cure Tea is black-owned and rooted in traditional herbal remedies. Caribbean Cure Tea infuses wellness with cultural richness. Their handcrafted blends are carefully formulated to promote holistic health and rejuvenation.

From soothing hibiscus to invigorating moringa, Caribbean Cure Tea’s collection is a testament to the healing power of nature. With each cup, you’ll enjoy a delightful infusion and embrace a wellness ritual that honors ancestral wisdom.

What sets Caribbean Cure Tea apart is its dedication to sourcing organic, ethically grown ingredients from the Caribbean region. Each blend is a reflection of the vibrant culture and healing traditions that have been passed down through generations.

Likkle Tea

A black-owned gem, Likkle Tea, transports you to the lush landscapes of Jamaica with every sip. The brand encapsulates the spirit of the Caribbean island, offering a tempting array of handcrafted tea blends that celebrate its vibrant culture.

Likkle Tea’s creations infuse your cup with authentic flavors that evoke the essence of Jamaica. Each blend is a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality, using only the finest natural ingredients sourced from the island.

The brand is on a mission to provide delicious teas. Its commitment to excellence and cultural authenticity makes it a standout choice for those seeking a truly immersive tea experience.

The world of tea is beautifully diverse, and these Top 6 Black-owned tea companies exemplify excellence in every cup. By embracing their unique blends, you’re not just savoring tea – you’re indulging in stories, cultures, and a commitment to quality. 

So, venture into this flavorful realm, sip by sip, and celebrate the richness these remarkable tea companies bring to your teacup. You can also learn to make your teas home by getting DIY books from Amazon

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