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Top 9 Black-Owned Businesses in Baltimore

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As individuals, organizations, and government agencies continue raising awareness of the need to support black-owned businesses, many are unsure of how to get involved. One of the easiest ways to get involved is to become conscious about buying from black-owned businesses. Here’s the list of the top 9 black-owned businesses in Baltimore. 

Taharka Brothers Ice Cream

Launched in 2010, Taharka Brothers Ice Cream is a Baltimore-based gourmet ice cream brand known for its tasty flavors and simple packing. The ice cream is packed in a white container with a pink label that displays the company’s logo. 

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You’ll find pints of Taharka Brothers Ice Cream in many grocery stores within the city. However, the best way to enjoy the unique flavor is to visit them at 301 W 29th St, Baltimore, MD 21211. 

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Aunt Kelly’s Cookies

Growing up in Baltimore in the 80s, Kelly Simmons, founder of Aunt Kelly’s Cookies, always ensured she had enough money to buy Butter Crunch Cookies. As years passed, she couldn’t find the Butter Crunch Cookie taste. This led her to start making cookies in 1999. 

After many trials and errors, Kelly Simmons perfected her cookie-making skills and launched Aunty Kelly’s Cookies. The brand prides itself on using only the best ingredients mixed with love to deliver tasty cookies. Aunty Kelly’s Cookies is located at the Antique Row of Mount Vernon. 


Ouftur Screenshot. Image Source: Ouftur Homepage

If you’re looking for high-quality and stylish sweatpants, consider visiting Ouftur. You’ll find retro graphics and futuristic prints, pop culture references, and cheeky logo placements in their collections. 

The Brand’s streetwear will make you stand out from the crowd regardless of where you wear it. They are located at 30 E.25th Street, Baltimore, MD. 21218.


Recognized for their infamous “Black America” Caps launched in the Summertime of 2016, NuLanguage is among the top black-owned businesses in Baltimore. NuLanguage created the cap because of the high rate of police brutality and the harmful riots happening as a result.

All through the brand’s stylish and vibrant unisex design, they advocate for creative self-expression and equality. NuLanguage’s popular sweatshirt designs include speckled logo prints and graffiti-inspired airbrush.

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Sankofa African & World Bazaar

Founded by Esther “Mama KiKi” Armstrong, Sankofa African & World Bazaar creates a store atmosphere that welcomes everyone wanting to experience Africa. They do this by displaying sophisticated, elegant wear from West Africa, both contemporary and traditional. 

They have woodcrafts, jewelry, and other fashion accessories in their collections, all reflecting and celebrating the motherland’s history.

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Papi Cuisine

Owned by Alex Perez, an award-winning chef, Papi Cuisine is an Afro-Latin Fusion restaurant. Alex started the brand as a food delivery service and grew into a private dining and catering company. But currently, Papi Cuisine is among the black-owned businesses in Baltimore. 

Sugar Mama’s

Sugar Mama’s Screenshot. Image Source: Sugar Mama’s Homepage

Are you looking to try nicely prepared chicken wings, salmon, and bacon? If yes, consider visiting Sugar Mama’s breakfast restaurant. This restaurant offers delicious Belgian waffles, French toast, and pancakes. 

According to customer reviews, Sugar Mama’s waitpersons serve nice juice, lemonade, or tea. The atmosphere at Sugar Mama’s is calm and welcoming. Plus, you can order your meals and have it delivered promptly. 

Creole Soul Restaurant

Established by chef Shunquita Que Neal, Creole Soul Restaurant prides itself on refusing to compromise on quality in its restaurant. According to the brand’s website, they source their fresh ingredients from local farmers’ markets. This means you’re sure to eat fresh, tasty, and high-quality meals each time you visit Creole Soul Restaurant. 

Creole Soul Restaurant’s menu includes creole blackened or jerk salmon & grits, seafood gumbo, and Mamie’s creole shrimp & grits. They’re committed to bringing the people of Baltimore the best and the finest food.

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