10 Shopping Malls in Kingston Jamaica You Should Visit


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Vacationing in the Caribbean is incomplete without visiting the shopping malls in Kingston, Jamaica! Classic music, good food, and exceptional hospitality are among the memories you’ll like to take with you. 

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How about shopping for items that represent these memories?

Explore the vibrant shopping culture of Jamaica with our list of must-visit shopping malls in Kingston. These are the top 10 places to shop in this beautiful island nation, from local markets to luxury malls.

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10 Shopping Malls in Kingston to Go Shopping

Kingston Craft Markets

Video source: CMJ Jamaica. YouTube

You’ll find over a hundred shops in the Kingston Craft Market. These shopping malls in Kingston have beautiful items, clothing, souvenirs, carvings, and paintings you’ll love to take back home.

The vendors are friendly, hospitable, and warm when transacting business. You’ll appreciate that the Kingston Craft Market is big enough to host various Jamaican crafts.   

You can find this market at 174 Harbour Street, downtown Kingston.  

Ocho Rios Craft Market

Kingston’s main craft market is located in the Ocho Rios, a location surrounded by restaurants and beaches. You’ll even find accommodations around this market.

This means you can live there while vacationing and visit the beaches, markets, and restaurants. 

The Ocho Rios Craft Market is the ideal place to buy classic reggae recordings, Jamaican t-shirts, beaded pieces of jewelry, souvenirs, paintings, and crafts for your family back home.

Among the shopping malls in Kingston, you can locate Ocho Rios Craft Market on Main Street Jamaica, Ocho Rios, St. Ann.

Coronation Market

This market is the biggest and most colorful in Kingston. You’ll find vendors from around the island going about their daily lives. There are different items at retail and wholesale that you can buy at cheaper prices. 

Although the vendors have tighter and smaller stalls, the vegetables are fresher. You’ll find the market crowded on Fridays and Saturdays, so look out for heat, colorful displays, and loud scenery, and don’t forget to buy Jamaican hot sauce. 

Coronation Market, also called Curry Market, has livid and hospitable people. However, hire a tour guide or a travel agency so you don’t get lost in the busy crowd. 

Devon House Craft Market

The Devon House is a historic landmark—the formal home of George Stiebel, the first black millionaire in Jamaica. Stiebel made his wealth from gold mining in South America.

He and two other Jamaican millionaires in the 19th century built luxurious mansions. The location of these mansions was called Millonaire’s Corner because they were between the corners of Trafalgar and Hope Road. 

Today, Devon House has evolved into a shopping center where you can find shops, restaurants, resorts, recreation centers, and bargain for cheaper prices.

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Half Moon Shopping Village

You’ll find Half Moon Shopping Village downstairs of the Half Moon Hotel. Also, there are about 25 shops with various products and services, including the Bob Marley exhibition center, clothing shops, cigars, perfumes, and international brands.

You’ll also find:

  • A bank to transact transfers
  • Medical center
  • A Dental Clinic
  • Photo Studio
  • Post office
  • Food court

Locate Half Moon Shopping Village at Ironshore, St. James.

Port Antonio Craft Market

Video source: Isalandboy Afrik

Port Antonio Craft Market is among the shopping malls in Kingston you’ll find along the seashore. You’ll find the best-handcrafted artifacts at Port Antonio Craft Market, which you can’t resist buying.

Rock Bottom is Port Antonio’s best carver, always busy crafting a masterpiece. You’ll be glad to patronise him. You’ll also find meaningful paintings, liquor, weaved baskets, and wood carvings in various shops, and boutiques where you can buy locally made clothes.

You can stop by the Craft Village bar to eat and relax with an impeccable sea view and open air.

Pavilion Mall

Pavilion Mall share boundaries with Emancipation Park and the neighbourhood of Denham Town. The mall has everything you need for everyday use. You’ll find cosmetic shops, eateries and restaurants with sitting areas.

mostly, Pavilion Mall is busy and there are limited parking spaces. However, you’ll love that you can find your favorite item.

Sovereign Centre

From entertainment and shopping to dining, Sovereign Centre in Kingston, Jamaica offer even more. There are unisex boutiques to shop local and international brands, including great food at the eateries.

There are services available including;

  • Salon and spa
  • Eye Clinic
  • Laundry shop
  • Banks
  • Pharmacy

The Springs

The Springs shopping mall has organized shops you can shop from. It’s a great place for all your shopping needs especially if you’re new in town. You can shop for household items like cooking utensils, blenders, and cooking pots.

You’ll also find shops with hair and skin products including gadgets. Be warned though, there are fewer parking spaces and restaurants.

Twin Gates Plaza

Video source: Jamacia in 5

This shopping mall in Kingston is a great location for shopping. This plaza hosts a bakery, jewelry collections, shoe shops, and banks, including:

  • Carbys
  • Island Grill
  • Book shops
  • Twin Gates Dental
  • and clothing stores
  • Brooklyn Supermarket

The customer service at Twin Gates Plaza is amazing!

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There are vibrant shopping malls in Kingston, Jamaica. Among them, you’ll find locally made artifacts, restaurants, Jamaican souvenirs, fragrances, and beaded jewelry. 

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