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12 Best Black-Owned eCommerce to Shop From(at Affordable Price!)


Many people of African Descent are embracing this new trend of patronizing black-owned online clothing stores. Because, why not!

Still, on the mission to recognize and celebrate black businesses,  we’ve put together a list of the best and most affordable black-owned online clothing stores that feature, accessories, and more that are created across the globe by black people. 

12 Black-owned online Clothing Stores to Shop From

12 Best Black-Owned eCommerce to Shop From(at Affordable Price!)
Image Source: ÖFUURË

ÖFUURË is an Ishan word meaning “it is well.” This black-owned brand is an award-winning African fashion brand and an online clothing store with vibrant prints and bold patterns for the everyday queen.

ÖFUURË has maintained its commitment to creating versatile pieces that highlight the African continent’s underrepresented vibrant colors and beautiful patterns. Just look at this beautiful dress above.

Whether you’re lying in bed in a gorgeous satin pajama set or soaking up the sun on an exotic beach in one of ÖFUURË many beautiful swimsuits, the brand has you covered.

  1. Jolie Noire
Image Source: Jolie Noire

For Jolie Noire, black is beautiful.  Jolie Noire stands for Pretty Black in French, a name that highlights the brand’s mission to change the perception that dark colors, specifically black, are negative and light colors are positive. 

On this black-owned online clothing store, you’ll find everything from sweatshirts to t-shirts to leggings, shorts, joggers, hoodies, and jackets, as well as accessories like hats and earrings. 

3. African Rich

12 Best Black-Owned eCommerce to Shop From(at Affordable Price!)

Image source: African Rich

Inspired by the rich African roots, African Rich is on a mission to reinvent a modern approach to fashion. Exhibiting the richness of African culture, values, ethnicity, music, fashion, art, foods and natural resources, the brand produces influential, innovative and progressive designs that echo the story of Africa. 

Founded by Edmund Galabe, African Rich has designs ranging from unisex jackets,  unique sweatshirts, tank tops, ethnic African-rich polo, customised t-shirts and a collection for kids.

It is the notion of belonging and pride in one’s heritage and culture that lies at the core of African Rich.

As a lifestyle brand, the brand promotes the free expression of African pride and joy through fashion. 

4. Rendoll Lagos

12 Best Black-Owned eCommerce to Shop From(at Affordable Price!)
Image Source: Rendoll 

Rendoll is a Global womenswear brand founded by Nigerian Fashion and beauty Entrepreneur, Reni Abina. Every piece has been thoughtfully designed for you to be stylish, comfortable, and guaranteed to turn heads wherever you turn up. 

With Rendoll Lagos, you can stand out in bright prints or stay cool in gorgeous neutrals.

5. Buzzoms

12 Best Black-Owned eCommerce to Shop From(at Affordable Price!)
Image Source: Buzzoms

If you’re carefree and don’t bother about bras, Buzzoms is for you. Buzzoms enables you to live a bra-free lifestyle through their designs. This unique black-owned online clothing store is a braless revolution for women of all shapes and sizes.

In whatever cup size you have, the tops and dresses they make allow you to fly free and go without chest support.

6. Rebdolls

12 Best Black-Owned eCommerce to Shop From(at Affordable Price!)
Image Source: Rebdolls

Women are often forced to confine themselves to one standard of beauty when we are so much more than that. Rebdolls is here to change that.

Grisel Paula is the founder of Rebdolls, a missy and plus-size fashion brand that believes all women deserve amazing fashion. Rebdolls provides a fashion space where fashion felt inclusive– a more diversified solution of great quality and well-fitting clothes in sizes Small – 5X.

Rebdolls, the black-owned online clothing store, believes in fit consistency and works hard every day to ensure that you get good quality clothes without breaking the bank.

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7. Nicole Shante

12 Best Black-Owned eCommerce to Shop From(at Affordable Price!)
Image source: Nicole Shante

Directed towards clients with a strong sense of self, Nicole Shante is a brand that resonates with style of sexy, effortless and elegant, and considers tailoring and craftsmanship a sacred process to creating luxury garments.

Nicole Shante is dedicated to highlighting and including women of color in a luxury space, believing that confidence is the sexiest part of a woman’s wardrobe. The brand wants every woman to express herself and her unique personality through her clothes.

If you want to shop for something fancier and luxe, get yourself over to Nicole Shante. With bold pant suits and prints, you’ll have the spotlight in any room you walk into.

8. The Oula Company

Image source: OULA

OULA is wearable art that you will cherish forever. Hand-cut and sewn in the USA, OULA garments have a smaller carbon footprint. With a focus on trans-seasonal contemporary garments, the brand exudes simplistic ease and complements busy lifestyles.

Wearing OULA throughout the year speaks more about longevity and value than fast fashion. With a visual language that is inclusive and historically dynamic, Oula sources Ankara-African Wax Fabric from around the world.

Distinctive and bold patterns separate this fashion brand from the rest designed by Erika Dalya Massaquoi.

9. Sika

Image source: Sika 

You’ll find everything your closet needs in Sika’s store, from puffer jackets to headbands. Moreover, Sika proves that garment production can be both socially and environmentally responsible and produce quality ‘made in Africa’ garments for international markets.

The fabrics used to create every single item are sourced in Ghana.

10. Fanm Mon

Image source: Fanm Mon

Fanm Mon through its collections celebrates the bounty of nature and the beauty of the human spirit. It connects with the community in meaningful ways to nurture beauty from the inside out.

Founded by Sophia Demirtas, the brand handcrafts traditions of Haitian heritage. It often makes one-of-a-kind pieces for its clients for special occasions and is thrilled when they can add little customized flourishes to make the pieces truly yours.

These whimsical, puff-sleeved gowns with rose embroidery are beyond gorgeous, which is probably why influencers love them and they’re all over Instagram. The brand produces kid’s clothes too.

11. Daily Paper

12 Best Black-Owned eCommerce to Shop From(at Affordable Price!)
Image source: Daily Paper

Sweatshirt dresses, pleated skirts, and biker shorts sets. That’s just some of what you’ll want to ‘add to the cart’ while scrolling through Daily Paper’s site. The nicest part about these items is that the price tags won’t make you do a double-take in disbelief. They are sporty with a refined, feminine style.

Going one step further, unique embroidery accents are visible on a variety of designs, including a strikingly fitted black suit. 

12. Ubuntu Performance Apparel

12 Best Black-Owned eCommerce to Shop From(at Affordable Price!)

Image source: Ubuntu Performace Apparel

This unique brand is all about paying homage to your roots. In the animal kingdom, the elephant is said to possess the longest memory. The brand is, therefore,  founded on these life philosophies of the elephant and the ability to remember your roots. 

On its website, the brand feature, hoodies, sweatshirts, pants, caps, and long and short customised t-shirts.

Ubuntu literally connotes I am who I am because of who we are.

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