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Black Travelers: 10 Breathtaking Caribbean Islands to Explore


Are you planning a trip to the Caribbean this holiday? Let me tell you why you should. The Caribbean Islands are havens of natural beauty and diverse cultures for exploring. From historic sites to the beaches and forests, you’ll have fun on the islands. You are welcome as we explore 10 breathtaking islands you should visit.

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If you are ready, let’s learn about the fantastic islands to visit.


Grenada is known as the “Spice Isle” for its fragrant nutmeg spice plantations. The island offers lush rainforests, a rich culture, and incredible beaches. There are a couple of things you can explore while in Grenada. You can hike Grand Etang National Park & Forest Reserve.  You should snorkel in the island’s underwater sculpture park. 


With its vibrant festivals, historic sites, and stunning beaches, Barbados is a welcoming destination with a strong cultural identity. One of the best things you can do in Barbados is swim with the turtles. 

If you like to surf or are a photographer, I recommend Bathsheba Beach. The beach has one of the famous Soup Bowls, and it’s one of the best places where international surfing competitions are held.

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Saint Lucia

This island boasts dramatic landscapes with the famous Pitons, lush rainforests, and a mix of French and English influences. Saint Lucia is also famous for its beautiful beaches for couples and families. Some places you can visit with your family in Saint Lucia are The Pitons, Marigot Bay, Pigeon Island, and Diamond Falls, among others.


Jamaica is celebrated for its reggae music and laid-back vibe. Aside from the reggae that people enjoy in Jamaica, this island is characterized by its natural beauty, rich culture, and tasty cuisine. One of the famous places you should visit if you are in Jamaica is the Bob Marley Museum

The place covers the former home of the reggae legend, where you would discover his bedroom and recording studio. Some of the other things you shouldn’t miss are the Dunn’s River Falls and Park and White Witch Golf Course.

Trinidad and Tobago

These two islands are known for their Carnival celebrations and diverse cultural influences. Enjoy the unique blend of experiences that would have a lasting memory. Trinidad is best known for its nature and beautiful birds, whereas Tobago is famous for beach activities. 

Places to visit on these islands include Asa Wright Nature Centre, Caroni Bird Sanctuary, and Buccoo Reef.

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Haiti has a rich history, beautiful beaches, and a unique blend of African and French cultures. One historic place you should visit while in Haiti is Laferrière Citadel. After a successful revolt led by Jean-Jacques Dessalines, he ordered the construction of the fort. Other famous places are Sans Souci Palace, the National Pantheon Museum, and Saut-Mathurine.

Dominican Republic

Known for its all-inclusive resorts, the DR also offers historic cities, mountainous landscapes, and vibrant local culture. The Dominican Republic is best known for having beautiful beaches on the islands. However, there are more activities you can do to make your stay a memorable one. 

The Zonal Colonial in Santo Domingo is home to historical sites. They include Alcázar de Colón, Santa María la Menor and Fortaleza Ozama. There are other fun activities you can enjoy, such as hiking and enjoying seafood.  


Comprising several islands, the Bahamas offers crystal-clear waters, stunning coral reefs, and a relaxed island vibe. What makes the Bahamas unique is it’s the third largest barrier reef on the planet. Some of the many beautiful activities you can’t miss include swimming in Pink Sands Beach, going on a snorkel tour, swimming with awesome dolphins, and others.


If you are still looking for something unique for you and your family, Curaçao could be the difference. This Dutch Caribbean island is known for its colorful architecture, excellent diving opportunities, and rich Afro-Caribbean culture. 

Scuba diving is one of the most popular things in Curaçao. Dive in to see playful dolphins and sunken ships. Curaçao has some of the best beaches where you and your family can have fun. Cas Abao Beach and Mambo Beach. 

Saint Kitts and Nevis

These two islands offer a more tranquil Caribbean experience with historic charm, beautiful beaches, and lush rainforests. Some beautiful beaches to have fun include Banana Bay and Turtle Beach. Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park and the National Museum of St Kitts are more amazing areas to visit.

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