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NBA: All You Need to Know About the League

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Like any other sport, the National Basketball Association (NBA) has its rules and regulations that govern how the sport works. During the regular season which lasts for six months, teams battle out for a place in the playoffs. In the post-season, teams are fighting for the championships. How does the NBA determine these teams? Let’s have a look at how the NBA works.

The NBA Draft

The NBA season begins with one of the biggest sports shows, the NBA draft. This is an opportunity for teams to strengthen their teams. Teams can trade players from other teams and also trade in new, young players from colleges or countries. The NBA draft normally happens in June at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn.    

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NBA Schedule

The NBA schedule is always released in August every year. It caters to different dynamics throughout the season. Some of these include: 

  • Television slots that’ll get the highest viewership
  • Rest days to give teams enough time to rest in between matches
  • Big showdowns
  • Public holidays

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NBA Training Camps

NBA players check in for training camps in October. This is a time for players to get back in shape and for coaches to assess their teams. That said, not all players report at the same time. Some join toward the end of September, just as the season draws closer.

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NBA Pre Season 

NBA players can play a couple of games before the actual season begins. This allows the teams to gel and get some of their tactics worked on. These games don’t affect the regular season’s statistics. This is also a chance to look at the new players who joined.

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Beginning of the NBA Season

The 2023/2024 NBA season will start on October 24 and run until April 14. When the campaign starts, it’s a chance for teams to set out their intentions. 

Although a good start doesn’t guarantee the title, it’s key in setting the players’ and teams’ tone and mood. There are a total of 82 games in the regular season.

NBA and Calendar Holidays

The NBA isn’t played on Thanksgiving. One of the reasons why is to avoid competing with the National Football League (NFL), which takes centre stage on the day. 

That said, NBA fans get the opportunity to watch the NBA on Christmas day. The same happens during Martin Luther King Day (MLK), a holiday that honors one of America’s great civil rights leaders.

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NBA All-Star Break

The league takes a three-day break in February but some of its biggest stars play in the NBA All-Star Game. These players are voted for by coaches, fans and through votes.

Regular Season Ending

The NBA regular season ends in April and the playoffs or the post-season starts in mid-April. The top eight teams compete in two divisions, the Eastern and Western Conferences. All this culminated in the NBA Championship final in June.  

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The NBA Offseason

The NBA offseason officially begins after the playoffs but some players will have an early break if their teams aren’t taking part in the playoffs. 

As you can see, many things to consider in the offseason and during the season make the NBA what it is. You can grab some NBA items, shoes, jerseys, and headbands on Amazon while waiting to cheer for your favourite team. 

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