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7 Plants in the Bahamas to Give You a Glimpse of the Caribbean Beauty

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Apart from its sandy beaches and clear waters which are major attraction sites for the Bahamas, there’s a rich presence of fauna. Plants in the Bahamas range from native plants to non-native, plants that were brought into the Bahamas from other countries. In this post, we highlight those you’ll likely see as you explore the Bahamas.

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Coconut Palm

Spotcovery-7 Plants in the Bahamas to Give You a Glimpse of the Caribbean Beauty
Coconut Palm. Source: Photo by Diễm Phan on Unsplash

The coconut palm is one of the most visible plants in the tropical areas of the Bahamas. Its long tree trunk, high-hanging feathers and fruits give the area a good aesthetic look. The coconut is used to make different types of foods and is also consumed separately. Its waters are hydrating and the edible white part nourishing.  

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Golden Pothos

Spotcovery-7 Plants in the Bahamas to Give You a Glimpse of the Caribbean Beauty
Epipremnum aureum. Common names: devil’s ivy. Source: Wikimedia licensed by CC-BY-SA-3.0

The Golden Pothos, scientifically referred to as Epipremnum aureum, is a popular plant in the Bahamas. It’s a houseplant and can become extremely large quickly. This plant is also called the “Devil’s Ivy” because it’s difficult to kill and can grow in different lighting conditions, including medium to low light. If you grow it at your house, keep it away from children because it’s poisonous.

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Large flower Mexican Clove

A timelapse of a large flower Mexican clove. Video Credit: Roberto Pascual

Scientifically known as the Richardia Grandiflora, this plant grows from a central root and spreads to create a ground cover. As such, if it grows in your backyard, you might have a hard taming it. This plant best grows in open places and can do well in difficult conditions with sandy soil, low temperatures and drought. 

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A look into the Beggartricks. Video Credit: Wild Floridian

The Beggartricks, scientifically called the Bidens Frondosa, grows into a purplish-brown, thin stem, with toothed leaves. It produces flowers and fruits brownish and have some barbs that allow it to stick to things. Chances are that you’ve found this on your clothing. That’s how it disperses itself.

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Sea Grape

Spotcovery-7 Plants in the Bahamas to Give You a Glimpse of the Caribbean Beauty
This morning view of Sea Grapes Beach at the Rex Resorts’ Hawksbill Hotel. Source: Wikimedia licensed by CC-BY-SA-4.0

Adding to our list of plants in the Bahamas is the sea grape. It’s found along the water bodies’ shore and is grown more for its aesthetics. It grows beautifully in the spring to the summer season and sheds off the leaves turning crimson red in the fall. The plant produces fruits which can be used to make jam and jelly.

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Garden Croton

How to grow the Garden Croton. Video Credit: Green Mable

From this list of plants in the Bahamas, the Garden Croton is the most visually appealing one. It has different shades of orange, white, green, scarlet, and yellow. 

To achieve this, it needs plenty of warm light, high humidity, and a little bit of direct sunshine. However, if you plant the garden croton in your home, you must keep it away from kids because of its poisonous nature. 

The Yellow Elder

About the Bahamas National Flower. Video Credit: Bahamian Heritage Series

The Yellow Elder is one of the native plants in the Bahamas. It was the country’s native flower voted for by the New Providence’s gardens clubs: 

  • The International Garden Club
  • The Carver Garden Club
  • The YWCA Garden Club
  • The Nassau Garden Club 

It was the only one that wasn’t chosen by other countries so they settled on it. 

The flower grows throughout the year and you can see why the Bahamian people liked it. It’s bright yellow and gives off a good feeling.

Our list of plants in the Bahamas shows the country has a rich environment and is conscious of it. In the modern era where technology and real estate are prioritized over vegetation, it’s amazing they still have numerous plant species around.  

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