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7 Online Platforms for Black Photographers to Offer Photography Services

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In recent times, the photography industry has witnessed a remarkable change. There are online platforms for black photographers to depend on to showcase their talents and attract new clients. 

Today, the internet has opened up many opportunities for photographers to reach a global market and offer their services to eager clients from their homes. Here are the 7 online photography platforms where black photographers can offer services. 

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1. CreateHER Stock

Launched in July 2015, CreateHer Stock is a popular stock photography platform that supports women of color, including Black female photographers. The platform was created by Neosha Gardner, a photographer, and graphic designer, to address the need for more diverse representation in mainstream stock photography.

CreateHER Stock offers a vast collection of stock images that feature women of color in various professional, lifestyle, and creative settings. The platform aims to provide more authentic and relatable images that accurately represent the diversity of women’s experiences.

They typically have an application process for photographers interested in contributing to the platform. This involves filling out a contributor application form and providing sample images.

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2. Black Men Smile

This social media platform aims to combat negative portrayals of black men in the media and society by sharing authentic and joyful images of Black men smiling. It was founded by photographer Marquis Neal in 2016. 

Black Men Smile primarily operates on social media platforms, such as Instagram, where it shares a curated selection of images of black men smiling. The platform uses hashtags like #BlackMenSmile and #JoyLooksGoodOnYou to amplify the positive imagery and encourage others to join the movement.

In addition to its social media presence, Black Men Smile offers merchandise such as clothing and accessories to spread its message and mission further. The movement has also partnered with organizations and initiatives that share similar goals of promoting positive portrayals of Black men.

As a black photographer, you can contact Black Men Smile if you want to contribute to the platform. However, ensure that you send in an irresistible pitch.  

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3. Blackfreelance

This platform is dedicated to supporting Black freelancers across various industries, including photography. It aims to address the lack of diversity and representation in the freelance industry and provide resources, support, and opportunities for Black freelancers.

The platform features a job board where Black freelancers can find freelance opportunities and project listings from clients looking for their services. Black photographers can find photography projects on the Blackfreelance job board. 

Besides job listings, Blackfreelancers provides educational resources and articles on various freelancing topics, such as pricing strategies and client communication. These resources are tailored to the needs and experiences of Black freelancers.

4. HireBlack

HireBlack Screenshot. Image Source: HireBlack Homepage

This online platform helps black professionals get hired, trained, or promoted into corporate roles. HireBlack was established by black women with recruiting backgrounds. 

They pride themselves on being impact-driven super-connectors facilitating authentic interactions through their job board, hiring events, summits, and workshops. HireBlack allows job seekers to connect with more than 300 companies and 1,000 recruiters. With this online platform, black photographers can easily find jobs. 

5. Black Career Network

Black Career Network Screenshot. Image Source: Black Career Network Homepage

The Black Career Network (BCN) is an online platform and community dedicated to supporting Black professionals in their career development and job search. It aims to create a space where Black professionals can connect with employers who value diversity and inclusion and access resources to improve their career growth.

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BCN provides a job board with job listings from companies and organizations committed to diversity and inclusivity. As a black photographer, you can search for relevant job opportunities across the photography industry with Black Career Network.

The platform advocates for workplace diversity and inclusion, helping bridge the gap between employers and diverse talent.

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6. BlackJobs

Blackjobs Screenshot. Image Source: Blackjobs Homepage

Blackjobs is a platform that connects Black job seekers with employment opportunities across various industries. The platform aims to address the underrepresentation of Black professionals in the workforce. They’re also committed to supporting companies in promoting diversity and inclusion in their hiring practices.

Blackjobs typically offers a job board where companies can post job listings, internships, and career opportunities targeted explicitly toward Black professionals.

Black photographers can create profiles on Blackjobs, highlighting their skills, qualifications, and career interests. Potential employers looking for diverse talent can view these profiles.

7. Black With No Chaser

This digital media platform and community centers on empowering Black voices and sharing authentic narratives within the Black community. The platform was founded by William T. Jackson Jr., Black With No Chaser, and provides a platform for Black writers, photographers, artists, and creators to showcase their work and perspectives.

Black With No Chaser has a significant presence on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, where they share content and engage with their audience. The platform amplifies Black voices and perspectives by allowing contributors to share their stories, thoughts, and experiences.

As a black photographer, you can contribute to the platform. You can contact Black With No Chaser @blackwithnochaser to pitch your idea. 

These seven online platforms are powerful avenues for Black photographers to showcase their talents, connect with a diverse clientele, and break through traditional barriers in the photography industry. Remember to create an appealing profile and portfolio, as this will help increase your chances of landing a job with a competitive salary. 

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